Marriage Monday

Marriage Minute is a short, “encouraging word” and “food for thought” for your marriage, generally posted on a Monday. I truly hope that it blesses and speaks to women and encourages them to invest wisely in their marriages.

You can write your own, too. Marriage Minute is also an opportunity for you to share what God has put on YOUR heart for your marriage. Feel free to join me on this journey, sharing an encouraging word, something you have learned, or something you are working on in your own marriage. If you leave a link in the comments of the latest post, I will stop by and read it. Thank you!

Browse through all the Marriage Monday posts here:

Marriage Monday ~ Joyful

I find that contentment and joy go hand in hand. It is both a true sense of joy that comes from knowing God that can enable me to be content with whatever I have, and also the ability to be content in my circumstances that helps me stay grounded in ...
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Marriage Monday ~ Initiative-Taking

When I think of taking initiative, I think of the Proverbs 31 Woman. I know, she's a common example, and I know she's often over-glorified. The Proverbs 31 Woman seems unobtainable to some, makes others cringe, is put on a pedestal by many... but GIRL, she's the perfect example when ...
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Marriage Monday ~ Helpful

I think I'm pretty okay at helping. I'm not being big-headed or anything. To prove it, I'm going to add that I'm not always good at *wanting* to help. Sometimes I just want to sit down and not help. I'm going to share something a wise person once told me ...
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Marriage Monday – Diligent

Merriam Webster defines "diligent" as "characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort." Steady effort. Earnest effort. Energetic effort. Three things I am not! I am more of a "spits and spurts" kind of person. I do really good for a little while, then not so good (or pretty bad sometimes) ...
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Introducing Marriage Mondays

Back at the beginning of the year I made a list. Not a To Do list, but a prayer, a list of attributes I would like to see God sow and water and fertilize in my heart. Things I need to work on, continually, practicing weeding out the negative weeds ...
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Not Your Typical Post About Valentine’s Day

**Originally published February 13th, 2010.** I am, and always have been, a hopeless romantic. Those grand, romantic gestures that movies are made of make my heart melt. I wanted my husband to propose to me on Valentine's Day on one knee in front of an entire restaurant after having ...
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What a Weekend!!

OH. MY. Word!! I have had the best weekend!! That was great. I'm on cloud nine. 1.) I'm really happy with last week's  Back to Home School carnival. I don't know about everyone else but I found some good blogs, learned a lot and got a lot of great ideas ...
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Show Him Some Love

Emily (new bloggy acquaintance found through the UBP!) has a REALLY GOOD challenge going on right now. It's a "Show Him Some Love" challenge. I like the sound of that!! I've written a little bit before (here and here and here and here) on how I feel about my husband, ...
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