Marriage Monday

Marriage Minute is a short, “encouraging word” and “food for thought” for your marriage, generally posted on a Monday. I truly hope that it blesses and speaks to women and encourages them to invest wisely in their marriages.

You can write your own, too. Marriage Minute is also an opportunity for you to share what God has put on YOUR heart for your marriage. Feel free to join me on this journey, sharing an encouraging word, something you have learned, or something you are working on in your own marriage. If you leave a link in the comments of the latest post, I will stop by and read it. Thank you!

Browse through all the Marriage Monday posts here:

Marriage Minute: The Custom Order Husband

Have you ever wanted to change your husband? You know -- wished that you could take him back to God and put in a work order? "Okay, God, I'd like to change this and this, and a little bit of that..." Or WORSE...have you ever wished you could trade him ...
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Marriage Monday ~ When God Calls Your Husband

Change is exciting. Change is also kind of scary - well, it is for me. I like change but I'm leery of it until I've decided if I like it or not. 😉 Change is in the air, it has been since January, since my husband followed God's lead ...
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My Husband Can’t Be Everything I Need

I remember driving home from work one day, somewhere in our second year of marriage, when the speaker on the radio made a revelationary statement: my husband can't be everything I need him to be. Not that my husband can't be great. Not that my husband can't meet my ...
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Marriage Minute ~ Supporting Your Spouse

Marriage Minute ~ Supporting Your Spouse There are a few basic needs that every man needs from his wife. Love, obviously. Respect, yes. They need their physical needs met in all the ways that can be applied. These are the big, obvious answers we always give. There is something ...
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Ten Ways to Love Your Husband Without Breaking the Bank

Here's the deal, ladies.. my husband and I? We don't really do much for Valentine's Day. *gasp!* I do enjoy taking the opportunity to show my husband that I care about him, and Valentine's Day is just an excuse to do that intentionally. But really, you can (should) do that ...
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Marriage Minute – The Same Team

Each week as I write these "Marriage Minute" posts, a funny thing happens: Satan attacks in the very area that I'm writing about. As soon as I settle on a topic and start making a graphic, I see that issue playing out in my marriage. Why is that? Satan ...
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Marriage Minute ~ Invest in Your Marriage

Marriage Monday is back! Marriage Monday has also had a facelift. Last year, I began blogging about marriage on Mondays because it is important to me. I started blogging through the list of characteristics I'd made at the beginning of the year, and you may recall that when I ...
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Marriage Monday ~ Thoughtful

What's the difference between a thoughtful act and an act of kindness? I'm not sure if there is one but I'm going to say that it's a difference of forethought. Holding the door to the post office open for someone else when you get there at the same time ...
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