iBlog: THE “How to Blog” Manual

iBlog: Everything You Need to Know From 30 Top Bloggers

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~ Thinking about blogging?
~ Need to up your blogging game?
~ Want to turn your blog into your business?
~ Do you want what SEO is and how to use it?
~ Trying to balance blogging and marriage/mothering/homeschooling?
~ Want to throw a Facebook or Twitter party but don’t know how?

how to blog

iBlog is your Ultimate “How To Blog” Manual

Created BY women bloggers FOR women bloggers. A group effort from 30 seasoned bloggers who have gone before and want to share what they have learned to help other bloggers succeed. We (myself and 30 other influential ladies) have worked together to provide an extensive manual on the following topics:

Building a Vision for Your Blog \ Finding Your Niche \ Blog Design 101 \ Designing and Starting Your Blog on WordPress \ Designing and Starting Your Blog on Blogger \ Disclosure and Privacy Policies \ Writing and Using an Elevator Pitch \ Blog Planning and Organization \ Basic SEO \ Stock Image Tips \
Blog Photography 101 \ Streamlining Your Research \ Getting Your Blog Off the Ground \ Building Your Brand \ Building Community Through Your Blog \ How to Get Traffic to Your Blog \ How to Get Subscribers \ Guest Posting \ Link‐ups, Hops, and Other Events \ Using Facebook to Grow Your Blog \ Facebook Parties \ Facebook Hops \ Using Twitter to Grow Your Blog \ Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog \ Using Freebies to Build Your Blog \ How to Create Your Own Printables \ Selling Your Own Products \ Using Affiliate Marketing \ How to Write a Media Kit \ How to Write a Product Review \ Working as a Virtual Assistant \ Running a Group Blog \ Marriage and Blogging \ Balancing Motherhood and Blogging \ Balancing Homeschooling and Blogging \ Using Your Blog as a Ministry \ Time Saving Blog Tips \ The Power of Attending a Blogging Conference

The Ladies Behind the iBlog eBook:

I’ve contributed two chapters to this massive compilation: How to Do Facebook Parties, and Disclosure and Privacy Policies (and all that legal stuff.) Every blogger big and small needs to make sure they understand all the the rules and regulations. 

How about all those other lovely ladies? Would you like to know who they are?

Amy Maze, Amy Roberts, Carlie Kercheval, Cindy West, Colleen Kessler, Dollie Freeman, Erica Arndt, Erica Deuel, Heather Bowen, Jamerrill Stewart, Jasmine Lucero, Jennifer (Mama Jenn),
Jen Dunlap, Jennifer Janes, Jimmie Lanley, Joan Otto, Kathy Gossen, Kris Bales, LaToya Edwards, Lisa Baldwin, Marci Goodwin, Mary Prather, Maureen Spell, Richele McFarlin, Sarah Robinson, Stacie Nelson, Tabitha Philen, Ticia Messing, Tiffany Manley, Tricia Hodges

{Click here to buy this book on Amazon.}

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Jessica Wilkerson
Jessica Wilkerson
June 28, 2016 11:43 am

I am interested in this book, but it doesn’t seem to be available any longer.

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