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Language Arts

Homeschool Language Arts

Language Arts is a subject I’ve been back and forth and all around on. We’ve used all free materials, we’ve used an eclectic mix of workbooks and other purchased resources, and we’ve used boxed language arts kits. The biggest conclusion I’ve drawn from all of this – it doesn’t matter what you use as much as it matters that you use it diligently. Here are a few posts I’ve written to help you homeschool language

Favorite Curriculum & Resources

McGuffey Readers
A Beka Language Arts
LifePac Language Arts

We have also used and liked: 
Spelling Workout
A Reason For Spelling
A Reason For Handwriting
Handwriting Without Tears
Our Mother Tongue Grammar

Other posts and resources for teaching Language Arts: 

10 Days of Language Arts – Jimmie’s Collage (That’s Day 1, you can get to the others from there.)

Designing Your Language Arts Curriculum 

Essay Tune-Up

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