Homeschooling: Day in the Life (Weekly Memes, Etc.)

weekly memesMuch of what I write about homeschool comes in the form of weekly memes and wrap-up posts and that sort of thing.

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I’ve also included a link here to the Eclectic Homeschooling section and the Freebies category.

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I don’t know if you want to peruse through these or not, but if you’ve got time to burn (hahaha, like homeschool moms have time to burn!) there’s still some really good stuff in here…

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Weekly Memes, Etc.

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Free Valentine’s Day Resources Round-Up

Valentine's Day is near! For holidays, I find I either plan ahead WAY in advance or procrastinate until the last ...
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free thanksgiving resources

10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it's going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving ...
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Ten Thoughts Homeschool Moms Think

I know I've read several times in several places that a woman's brain tends to stay busy. Men don't get ...
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10 Kids Magazine Subscriptions

[maxbutton id="1"] Are magazines "old school" now? Perhaps, in some ways, yes. But, aside from online shopping, the internet still ...
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A Belated Birthday Update and Lots of Good Links to Share

[maxbutton id="1"] Happy Saturday! I have a lot of good stuff for you (really) so stick it out to the ...
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Twinkies and Tooth Extractions (Not Related)

The week with the Twinkies and the tooth extraction (not caused by the Twinkies.) You may have noticed I've been ...
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Summer Heat, DK Books, the Library ~ Weekly Wrap-Up

[maxbutton id="1"] The past two weeks have seriously overflowed with books. We have so many books! (I love books.) The ...
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Bookcases and Babysitting Classes – Last Week Wrap-Up

[maxbutton id="1"] Hey, y'all! I have a lot of goodies to share from last week, which turned out to be ...
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