10 Ways to Love Your Husband Without Breaking the BankHere’s the deal, ladies.. my husband and I? We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day. *gasp!* I do enjoy taking the opportunity to show my husband that I care about him, and Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to do that intentionally. But really, you can (should) do that anytime for any reason, right? So whether you’re looking for some frugal ways to let your hubby feel loved this Valentine’s Day, or whether it’s his birthday or it’s just Tuesday.. here’s a list of ten frugal suggestions to help you do that.

Ten Ways to Love Your Husband
{Without Breaking the Bank}

(In no particular order.)

1.) Do a little something extra that’s not in your normal daily tasks that your husband would appreciate – detail his car, shine his shoes, clean his computer keyboard and monitor screen? You know your husband and what he cares about, take care of something he cares about and he will feel loved. =)

2.) Plan a sleepover – for the kids. Whether you can arrange a night with grandma or whether you arrange sleepovers with different friends all on the same night, your hubby will appreciate a quiet evening at home with you! You can also combine that with #3 and #4.

3.) Make his favorite dinner – that one that takes so much trouble you hardly ever make it. You know the one. The one that takes and hour and a half and is kind of complicated. Take the time, just for him. If it’s one of those suppers that costs a little more, too, cooking it on a night when the kids are gone and you’re only cooking for two will help with the cost as well.

4.) Plan an in home movie night with his favorite kind of movie and his favorite kind of popcorn. No chick flicks! Does he likes sports movies, war movies, action movies? Rent one of those or grab one from the $5 bin at Walmart and make a date night after the kids go to bed (or when they’re at grandma’s.)

5.) Is there something around the house that he’s been “meaning to do” but hasn’t gotten around to it yet? Is it something you can do? Leaky faucet, loose doorknob, anything? If you can do it and it won’t frustrate him that you did, that’s a good way to ease a little of his burden. Don’t point it out “Oh, I did this so you don’t have to.” Just do it. He’ll find it fixed and it’ll make him smile when he realizes he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. =)

6.) Think about his love language and speak a little something to it, intentionally. Is he a words kind of guy, an action kind of guy? You know your man. You can leave a note on his steering wheel or the bathroom mirror, you can look him deep in the eyes and tell him you love him just because, you can smile and plant a big ol’ kiss on him. Not the casual “love you, too, hon, *smooch.*” but a direct “I LOVE YOU.” Do we do that enough? (Heart shaped post it notes work well, as soon as he sees one he knows he’s in for a treat and not a to do list.) =)

7.) Similarly: Make a list of what you love about your husband and give it to him. I did this once with a note on the mirror. Instead of just saying “I love you,” I said “I love you because of this, and I love this about you, and I love that __” for about a half dozen different things. He moved the note out of the way, but he never did throw it away or take it down. =) (It stayed there until we moved a couple of months ago, for over a year!)

8.) Fill a need or desire – inexpensively. If he needs more jeans, if he’s looking for a golf club set so he can take up golf, if he collects old shotglasses.. browse the thrift store and peruse the yard sales to see what you can find. If he keeps saying, “I need a” or “I want a” see what you can do about that without spending outside of the budget.

9.) Shut everything down early and give your attention to him. Turn off the tv, close the laptop, get the kids in bed on time, put down the book, call it a day with the chores, and focus on your hubby. Ask how his day went, listen to him, rub his back, whatever. Or maybe just sit next to him holding his hand. (Again, you know your husband and your routine, so whatever is best for y’all.)

10.) GO TO BED NEKKID. That is, to say, make an effort to “make it happen” tonight, or any night, just because you love him and you want to show him. If you already go to bed nekkid and that’s normal, well, you may have to try something different, but if you don’t and then you suddenly do – I’m sure your husband will be pleasantly surprised. But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you go find out? =)

I know there are more — what would you add??

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Background image source: Heart of Love by George Hodan

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