Marriage Minute ~ Supporting Your Spouse

There are a few basic needs that every man needs from his wife. Love, obviously. Respect, yes. They need their physical needs met in all the ways that can be applied. These are the big, obvious answers we always give. There is something else, too. Our men need our support.

Not that our men need us to prop them up, give them permission, or approve of their pursuits. No, our men need the freedom that comes from knowing that their wife is on the same team, trusting them to lead the family, expecting them to lead where God follows (wherever that may be.)

For a season in our marriage, my husband wasn’t doing much of that kind of thing (spiritual leadership, stepping out on faith, etc.) We’re kind of in new territory, so to speak. And for me, it’s exciting to watch God at work. God continues to draw my husband out of his shell. I continue to try to let my husband know that whatever God leads him to do – learn a new skill, serve in a new capacity, whatever – I’m behind him. Depending on what it is, I may need a moment to take it in, but I support him. The only thing that I ask my husband is to make sure that He’s following God’s lead. Because, well, I’m not going to argue with God.

How can we assure our husband’s of our sincerity? We live it out. With a listening ear, an attitude of willingness, a seeking of God’s will and much prayer, we live out our support in the little things and the big things.

How can you show your husband that you’re his biggest supporter of what God has put on his heart? Is there something God is doing in your husband’s life that you can show support for with a little note or an encouraging word?

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