Self-Reminder: God is in Control

The school year fast approaches and we don’t have school books yet. The planner/preparer in me wants to have everything all lined up and ready to go! But God has another plan. Last year, I sold my piccolo from high school and was able to get all my books at once. This year, I’ve sold one thing and made a little bit of money, I’m baby-sitting for a little money next week, and I’m just trusting that God will provide the rest.

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I’m realizing that everything doesn’t have to go the way I think it does. Technically, I could order a few books to get started with and buy a few more later and a few more later. Or I could start in September instead of August.

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But the important thing is that I just need to have peace that God will provide (He always does!

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) but in his own timing. So once again I’m just trying to exert my will over God’s – yeah, like that ever works. 😛


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July 21, 2007 4:45 pm

Last year something happened and we did not have the money for homeschool books, other than a couple, so we used the library for everything else. It was more work on my part, I think, but it worked out just fine. I still prefer to be able to buy the books I want, but I can never seem to afford them all! I have been going through the same realization lately – that everything doesn’t have to go the way I think it should go – about something else in my life. It is such a hard lesson, though, isn’t… Read more »

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