It’s Time to Par-Tay!

Yes, the Ultimate Blog Party (Version 2.0) has finally arrived! I had fun last year, and am looking forward to the party this year as well. 🙂 What, you haven’t heard about it? You, in the back, you don’t know about the Ultimate Blog Party, the one over at 5 Minutes for Mom? We-ell! You need to head on over and check it out. Trust me. Go on, they don’t bite.

This year it’s open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike, and there’s a ton of prizes up for grabs so there’s your incentive!

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It’s all just to have a little fun, find some new blogs to read, and meet the new readers who find yours.

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Unless you’re not a blogger,…then it’s all about finding some good blogs and signing up for some prizes.

It all starts tomorrow, or tonight after 12 midnight Eastern time, however you look at it. Before then you need to grab a button for your sidebar, check out the list of prizes, and then twiddle your thumbs or play a game of solitaire until it’s time to begin. 🙂 It’s all explained here.

So – ready, get set, get going!

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