Update 12-09: Written in March of 2007, some of these are a bit out of date, but it’s still a pretty good list! Perhaps I’ll write a new one for 2010!


It’s a big day for Susan and Janice at 5 Minutes For Mom – It’s The Ultimate Blog Party – and we’re all invited!! Who doesn’t love a party? It’s a week-long extravaganza with prizes and the ever-fun Mr. Linky. And there are free party favors!

With this being my 100th post,…What better way to mingle than to give you:

100 Things About Me!

Do you know how long it takes to come up with 100 Things? Out of the blue? No script? Of course, I organized and categorized for easier listing. But seriously, get comfy ’cause this may take a while. And feel free to leave your own stories in the comments! Sharin’ the love.. sharin’ the love. : )

Here goes!

Five things about my blog/name: (The OLD blog.. need to update this, huh??)

1.) My blog name is “Bringing Good Home” because it really summed up to me what the passage in Proverbs 31 was talking about and as well as summing up what I want to accomplish as a wife and mother. I want to do good and bring good things “to the table” so to speak. By ‘good’ I mean: ‘good’ the way God defines it, not the way the world defines it.

2.) My screen name is Proverbs31 because it has long been a favorite passage of mine. I feel that there is a lot to learn, a lot that I am still learning from the Proverbs 31 example.

3.) I didn’t design this template, but it’s almost like they had me in mind when they made it. I like brown a lot. I love the blue and the green with it. I think it encourages the atmosphere I try to create: fun, sometimes silly, with a fair amount of depth and hopefully a good amount of style and class. : ) (The only thing it is missing is a little bit of pink! )

4.) I started this blog on November 5, 2006. But before that I had a different blog that I created with the intent of sharing stories and pictures of my children with my family. Then I decided that I needed to start over with 1.) more anonymity for my children’s safety (no names, no forward facing pictures) and 2.) start over with a blog that better glorified God. But truthfully, I’ve been “blogging” since 2000, it just wasn’t called that. I had a geocities website with pics and stories of my kid(s) that I updated every few months for my families’ sake. I guess I just like blogging. 😛

5.) Yes, I do have three blogs and a fourth one that I contribute to. *embarrassing* But they each serve their different purposes! *justifying*
Five things about my relationship with God:

6.) I love God!

7.) I attempt to glorify God in everything I do – even blogging.

8.) God has taught me a lot about trusting him and depending on him over the last six years.

9.) God is teaching me a lot about how to “put feet to my faith” and about how to be Christ-like in the heat of the moment and not just before and after said moment.

10.) I still feel like I don’t really fully “get” God’s goodness and greatness and holiness and power and judgment, and I probably won’t as long as I’m trying to grasp Him with my fallible brain.

Five things about my family:

11.) I’ve been married for 8 and a half years. We dated two years before we got married.

12.) I have three kids. Daughter #1 – almost 7; daughter #2 – almost 4; #3 – only son, 15 months.

13.) I used to think I wanted four children. But now I think that I’m okay with three unless God intervenes otherwise.

14.) Next to God, my family is the most important thing in the world to me.

15.) Even so, I know that I would have trouble letting them go if God required it of me. (I hope he doesn’t and I pray he gives me strength if and when he does.)

Five things about my church family.

16.) I love them!

17.) My church family is important to me, and I need them as much as I want to serve them.

18.) I feel blessed to have such a God-centered church family.

19.) I would also have trouble giving them up if God required it of me. (But I didn’t say I wouldn’t, I just said I’d have trouble.)

20.) I really wish my husband was a part of a church family with me.

Ten things I like to do (in no particular order).

21.) Visit with friends.

22.) Read.

23.) Sing/play guitar/write music.

24.) Organize things.

25.) Take pictures.

26.) Blog.

27.) Watch tv/movies.

28.) Play games – board or card or “live” (bowling, putt putt, etc.)

29.) Window shop.

30.) Anything crafty and creative. : )

Five of my favorite movies of all time:

31.) Narnia

32.) Hoodwinked

33.) Pearl Harbor

34.) Phantom of the Opera

35.) Princess Bride

Five of my favorite books of all time:

36.) Wuthering Heights

37.) Great Expectations

38.) Biblical Womanhood

39.) Lightning

40.) The Testament

Ten “favorites”:

41.) Pink!

42.) Spring

43.) Christmas

44.) Root Beer

45.) Tulips (winter flower), Lilies (spring flower), Sunflowers (summer flower)

46.) Vanilla & Lavender fabric softener

47.) Moonlight Path by Bath & Body works

48.) High heels ; )

49.) Pecan pie

50.) Pecan pralines& cream

Ten favorite verses/passages

51.) Isaiah 40:8 (The first verse I remember memorizing.)

52.) Psalm 18

53.) Psalm 42:7-8

54.) 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

55.) Galatians 5:22-23 (Another early verse I remember memorizing.)

56.) Ephesians 4:29

57.) Philippians 4:8

58.) Romans 8

59.) Proverbs 31

60.) Psalm 73:25-26

Ten things I don’t like:

61.) Lying

62.) Being late

63.) Being left out

64.) Making mistakes

65.) Mountain dew -ick!

66.) Ginger (the seasoning) – don’t know why?

67.) Hot weather

68.) Being interrupted when I’m sleeping

69.) Being insecure

70.) Not being able to communicate effectively what I am trying to say

Ten random things about me:

71.) I was something of a tomboy growing up, but I did play with Barbies and Hot Wheels both.

72.) I’ve always had an irrational fear of sticking my hands “in” things: under the fridge, in around the car engine, behind the dresser…

73.) I have played: flute, piccolo, clarinet, piano & guitar. I wanted to play trombone but the band director wouldn’t let me. I took piano lessons twice but never really “got it.” I played the flute pretty good, and I’m still real insecure as far as the guitar is concerned.

74.) I attended college with the intention of becoming an elementary teacher. Then I decided I didn’t want to be a public school teacher, I wanted to be a home school teacher. : )

75.) My best friend has been my best friend since 8th grade.

76.) I once was fairly fluent in Spanish, pero no mas. : (

77.) I like loud (but not screaming) music.

78.) During each of my pregnancies I read all the Dean Koontz books I could get from the library. It’s true. It’s weird.

79.) My favorite candy has always been the Tootsie Roll. Second runner up: gummy bears.

80.) Growing up I wanted to be a ballerina. Or a figure skater. I’d have loved either one. 🙂

Five women who influenced me and how (in no particular order):

81.) My Sunday School teacher in High School: keeping it real, being honest, doing her best to teach me how God wanted me to act as a young lady.

82.) My fifth grade English teacher: by comforting me when she found me crying in the bathroom after a once-friend jilted me and put me down in front of a group of girls, by telling me “chin up” and not to think of myself as others told me to. I don’t remember much of the conversation but I remember the rest of 5th grade being a little bit easier.

83.) My great-grandmother: by setting a Proverbs 31 example for me.

84.) Innumerable women at my church

85.) My mom: by taking me to church everyday whether I wanted to go or not! ; ) (Though most of the time I did.)

Five Things I miss about growing up:

86.) No bills!

87.) The day seemed longer.

88.) I didn’t worry about… anything!

89.) Summer Camps

90.) Sleepovers. : )

If I had ten silly little wishes (and there was nothing more important to wish for…)

91.) I’d wish for a pink Motorola phone. ; )

92.) I’d wish for a very fancy, very romantic date for hubby and me, complete with over-the-top overnight hotel accomodations. ; )

93.) I’d wish for a maid.

94.) I’d wish for a new guitar. And lessons to help me learn more!

95.) I’d wish for one day where all my kids did all their chores without complaining! : )

96.) I’d wish that my best friend lived closer.

97.) I’d wish for an all-expense paid trip (for two!) to Venice. (Since I didn’t get to honeymoon there.) ; )

98.) I’d wish for a family vacation to Disney World.

99.) I’d wish that I could memorize anything by looking at it once.

100.) I’d wish that ice cream was fat free, calorie free, and sugar free, and TASTED GOOD too! ; )

Whew! What a list. And if I could add another I think it would be: #101 – I overuse smilies! : P

Don’t forget to head over to the party to meet some new people. I’ll be having some interesting posts going up all next week, Mon-Thurs so stay tuned and Be Blessed!

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