I don’t like waiting. I don’t like not knowing things either.

I suppose I’m not the only one. I’m human, I’m impatient, and I want to be in control.

Moreso when it comes to things like… pregnancy tests.

But God has done a lot of working in my heart over the last few years, the last six months especially, and I’m coming to accept that sometimes we have to wait and sometimes we have to not know. We are bound by time and space and we are not omniscient.

On the other hand, we serve a sovereign God who is not bound by time or space and who knows all things! How sweet that is!

So I may or may not be expecting our fourth child. Most of my family and friends already know that I’m waiting for confirmation on this. I probably am. But I may not be. Who knows? (Okay, okay, GOD knows!) But that’s not really the point. Or maybe that is the point.

The point is that God is in control. And whatever happens, happens because it’s meant to happen. And regardless, it will be good and God will provide.

And in case you’re wondering: I’d really like a fourth child. I’ve always wanted four. I’d really, really, like another boy, but I am NOT going to be picky. I’m not even going to pray for a boy, because I know that has already been decided. 🙂 I will gladly take whatever lot God gives me – even if it means no boy, even if it means no baby at all.

I am amazingly at peace, I’ve got to say, for not knowing and not being in control. It’s so unlike me. But it’s so like the peace that God gives, isn’t it?

May God bless you with peace today, regardless of whatever things you may be waiting on. Wait upon the Lord. Hope in Him, there’s no sweeter place to be.

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May 21, 2008 9:51 am

Oh…Amber, I agree! PEACE is a gift, and really, truly…it’s found in one source.

I probably should’ve capitalized that ;).


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