WOW. Yesterday was some kind of Monday!

And just in case you ever feel like no one else has those kinds of Mondays, or like homeschool/mom bloggers have figured out how to get it all done–I  just want you to know that neither of those is true!

Because yesterday…had MONDAY written all over it.

Monday dawned, my 16th day on the Whole30 challenge, with a bare pantry. And so I had a half a can of peaches for breakfast.

True story. 

Monday also began with a messy house, a large list of bills to pay and calls to make, and several errands to run (including grocery shopping.) So I decided at the very beginning of the day that we were going to put school off until the afternoon, if we could get to it, because I really needed a “get things done” day.

By the time we actually made it out the door, our “breakfast” at Sonic had turned into “brunch.”

Loading the borrowed gas cans that needed to be returned into the trunk space of my van, we rolled down our windows and hit up Sonic for brunch and then headed to the gas station. But to my dismay when I opened the hatch on my van, I discovered that the gas smell we were avoiding by rolling down the windows was not just simply from the presence of the gas cans in my car–no.

No, the one gas can with gas still in it had fallen on it’s side and leaked a LOT of gasoline into the carpet! (HELLO MONDAY!)

Topping off the gas cans and returning them, we immediately drove to the dollar store to buy a lot of baking soda, which I sprinkled (poured) liberally over the entire trunk area. I could immediately see the baking soda pulling the gas up to the surface. Which was good! But also made it smell more. PHEW-EE!! With only a brief stop at the store for a little bit of food, we cut our errands short and went straight home to let the baking soda sit and leave the windows open to air it out. What a MESS.

The rest of our day was not nearly as productive as it set out to be. Though we did get the groceries put away and we did get some chores done, I couldn’t help but list the things in my head that didn’t get done, or hadn’t gone right. So even my “get things done day” hadn’t gone right. Oh, yeah, and I have poison ivy thanks to the tornados that blew through last Sunday.

And just in case I needed more MONDAY in my day, my cat caught a mouse under my bath room cabinet last night! Yay, kitty! But then he wanted to carry if off somewhere in my house and do whoknowswhat with it!! And then when I interfered and tried to put him and the mouse OUTside so he wouldn’t make a mess with it INside, the mouse got away and got behind my kitchen cabinets. See, that’s what happens when you interfere with the food chain process! Now I need a mousetrap.

Oh, Monday.

But on the other hand, the day wasn’t all bad. I did find a three dollar oversized ottoman at the thrift store that is perfect for the horse-dog so that he’s not taking up the whole couch. And I did make the BEST broiled fish “tacos” (minus the tortilla and southwest sauce) for supper.

Oh! And I survived a Monday at Sonic and didn’t cheat on my Whole30 diet by ordering a side of scrambled eggs, a side of scrambled sausage and some sliced apples. I also got to enjoy a long, soaking bath thanks to the poison ivy – a rare treat for me. So rare that it’s usually the poison ivy that forces me to take time for it.

So see? Not all bad.

Mondays, for whatever reason, seem prone to going wonky. But like everything, it’s the perspective that matters. I don’t have it all figured out. I’m not always on the ball. You know, sometimes I have a half can of peaches for breakfast and shuffle my kids off to Sonic so we can go to the store. But I fed my kids, we tackled every challenge that came our way, and didn’t have a stress *moment* even once. So that’s a win. Keep truckin’ along mommas, we just try again tomorrow.

Image Credit: Public Domain by Charles Rondeau

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