I like cats.


I just prefer they spend most of their time outside. We have had two outside-cats-who-occasionally-come-inside-for-a-nap for a few years now. But to keep them from crawling into and tearing up the insulation under the house, we’ve decided to have two mostly-inside-cats-who-occasionally-go-out-for-a-romp(but-spend-all-night-inside)—until we get underskirting around the bottom of the house.

Oh goodie!

We’ve had inside cats for a couple of weeks now.

I’m pretty sure it only took me a couple of days to remember at least 10 Things I didn’t miss about having cats in the house…

Ten Things I Didn’t Miss About Having Indoor Cats

1.) Cats scratching my furniture!
(So I bought a scratching post.)

(I have a real butter dish with a real lid now! I just have to remember not to leave it uncovered.)

3.) Cats clawing at the windows/blinds.
(What is up with THAT?)

4.) Cats waking me up at 2am, or 4am, or 6am (or all three) scratching at the windows and blinds.
(Again.. really??)

5.) Cats digging in the trash.
(Guess my trash can needs a lid, too!)

6.) Cats on the counter. Or the table. Or the stove. Looking for goodies.
(There is FOOD in the DISH on the FLOOR!)

7.) Cats fighting in the house.
(It’s happened once or twice already…)

8.) Kids fighting over cats.
(That’s happened more than once or twice already…)

9.) Cats… LICKING.. the BUTTER…

10.) Cats peeing on things. Like my couch.
Oh no he DIDN’T! Oh yes he DID.

And because I cheated and repeated THE BUTTER (!!).. Here’s a real number 10:
LITTERBOXES!! Enough said.

P.S. I really do like our cats. 😉

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