Thirteen Tell-Tale Signs You Might Be a Mom


**Originally published January 18, 2009.**

You might be a mom if:

  1. You have at least one crayon in your purse.
  2. You have ever been grocery shopping and realized you had a rainbow clippy in your hair.
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  3. Dinner at Sonic, alone with hubby, counts as a date.
  4. Most of the movies you own are made by Disney, Pixar, etc.
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  5. You have ever jotted down a note or filled in a form with said crayon in said purse because there were no other writing implements.
  6. Next to the crayon there are barbie shoes or army men.
  7. You can identify the sound of a pacifier landing on a carpeted floor in the middle of the night.
  8. You automatically recognize the LACK of sounds as a sign of certain mischief.
  9. (Likewise you can hear “smack-ow!” and know exactly who hit whom and why.)
  10. Your house is stocked with extra paper towels, baby wipes, and all-purpose-any-surface-disinfecting (but safe) cleaning spray.
  11. You find strange things in your dryer, or vcr, or some other piece of electronic equipment.
  12. The only fine art in your house is finger-painted.
  13. Someone calls”MOM!” in a store, and you automatically turn to see who it is.
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I’m not sayin’ I’ve ever done any of these things… I’m just sayin’….

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January 10, 2009 12:45 pm

I’ve got a couple more for you.

14. You’ve had to talk someone out of wearing a “pincess dress” to the grocery store.

15. You strip down a baby doll while driving, just to calm a toddler tantrum.

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Jack's Mommy
Jack's Mommy
January 14, 2009 2:46 pm

My mom says she STILL does #13, even though I’m her only and am now 26. Hehe

Here’s another one –

You are no longer phased by being pooped or peed on, and have been caught with your finger in a little person’s nose.

Ahh, the life of a mom. 🙂

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Amanda-The Eck Life
Amanda-The Eck Life
April 16, 2009 2:39 pm

LOL! so true! My purse is no longer my own- its a binky carrier, max box car carrier, wipe holder, snot rag storage, and of course the crayons.

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