Tackling the Kitchen Makeover, Part 3

This entire past week has centered around one thing: my kitchen. Every to-do, every tackle, every errand was in preparation of the kitchen makeover.

I mean, nevermind the monster to-do list on Friday, the painting of the dining room table on Tuesday or the chandelier last Monday

Don’t forget about the painting of the two overhead cabinets I did on Friday and the picking up the stove from Craiglist on Thursday…

This past weekend was packed with kitchen tackling all over the place! Saturday we (my parents, husband and I) spent most of the day working the cabinets under the sink. The front face was rebuilt and a new cabinet floor was added.


On Sunday, we focused on getting in the “new” sink I found on Craigslist for 50$ that is twice the size of the old one. And on Monday I focused on getting the dining room painted and put back together so that I could get some of the kitchen stuff out of my living room. 🙂

And there’s still so much more to do! But hopefully by the end of this week it’ll all be done… Stay tuned for Part 4 next week!

Tackle it Tuesday is hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom!


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Amanda Eck
Amanda Eck
June 2, 2009 7:20 am

It is looking awesome! I can’t wait to see it all out together. The red wall is really going to make that table pop!

Andrea McMann
Andrea McMann
June 2, 2009 7:45 am

Wow! YOu’ve been working hard!! Just think how wonderful it will feel when that kitchen is finished!

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