Because Winning A VitaMix Blender Would Be Really Cool

I shouldn’t be telling you about this… but I will, because winning a VitaMix Blender would be REALLY cool! The more people I tell, the more people who will enter and spoil my chances. 😉 But I’ll not be that greedy and I’ll give you a chance to win, too, because as I said – winning a VitaMix Blender would be REALLY cool. Right?!

So here’s the scoop:

Jessie Hawkins, founder of Vintage Remedies, is giving away a free Vitamix 5200 on her blog. Entry is simple and the drawing is random so you’ve got just as much chance to win as all the rest of us. Hop on over, check it out and see for yourself. =)

If you’ve never heard of the VitaMix (seriously?) you can learn more about it at their website to see why it is that you really want to enter to win one!