12 Days of EasterWe like to collect holiday related books. So far we have St. Patrick, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, Advent, and even a Hannukah book! We’re still building our library. (We might finish about the time we don’t need them anymore.) ;0)

I really enjoy finding great books that share the history or the reason for holidays, and usually the kids are quite content and amiable to sitting and listening to a children’s story. Then we get to have a good discussion about the symbolism behind the story and what it means.

I’m not original, I know, I didn’t create the “teach them through a story” method — Jesus uses parables to teach us many things! It’s a tried and true method and one I enjoy because, quite frankly, it’s really is. There’s no prep, no mess, no materials list. All you need is a book and a comfy place to curl up with your kids.

We have two books for Easter so far – The Legend of the Easter Egg and The Parable of the Lily. I had hope to also add Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs and The Very First Easter to our library this year but I haven’t been able to yet. Maybe I will be able to squeeze that in.

Of course, you could always read directly from Jesus’ parables, too. I found a really interesting site that lists all of Jesus’ parables in chronological order.

Books for Easter

What books do you have and which ones are on your wishlist? I’m always keeping an eye out for good books. =)

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