Passionate. Having strong feelings or powerful emotions.

What are you passionate about? Are you passionate about reading? Sports? Art? What do you really love to do?

When someone asks what you’re passionate about, do you include your marriage in your answer? Are you passionate about your marriage? My husband and I both have strong feelings about our marriage. From day one, we have both felt strongly that we would not give up on our marriage, ever, no matter what. I do think that passionate conviction has served us well over the years, too. There have been times when it was not the love but the determination that held us together. 14 years and a month after the day we first said, “I do,” we still “do.”

I’ve been convicted a little that even though I may be passionate about making my marriage work and last and be great, sometimes I have a funny way of showing it. That’s one of the reasons for this series. I want to make sure that 14 years and a month later, I’m still showing my husband that he’s a priority for me.

Okay, what about this one? Are you passionate for your husband? (You knew that was going to come up – right?) Do you have strong feelings and powerful emotion for your husband (does he know it?) Showing my husband that I still feel strongly for him, emotionally and physically, is important for him to feel happy and secure with our marriage. Society will say that it’s normal and okay for things to change after so many years. Too many tv shows depict long-married couples who are little more than kind roommates. I don’t want to settle for roommates, do you?

So let’s look at the symptoms of passion, shall we? When you’re passionate about something, what do you do?

  • Talk about it, tell others about it  (in a good way.) Do you talk about your husband, good things, to your friends and family members? Or do you talk about your spouse so little that a new person meeting you wouldn’t know you were married if it weren’t for the ring on your finger?
  • Spend time with it/doing it. Do you spend time with your husband, doing things he likes to do, doing things you like to do together? The amount of time doesn’t matter as much as THAT you spend time.
  • Practice getting better at it. Do you pay attention to your marriage and ways that you can improve as a wife, ways you can better love your husband?
  • Defend it against naysayers. If you love art history and someone tells you that art history is boring, you’re probably going to jump in and tell them how fascinating it is. When someone says something negative about your husband do you laugh and nod your head? Or do you say something good about him instead?
  • Make it a priority. It will take priority over other things. You will make sacrifices to get it done. The same is true of marriage. If we are passionate about our marriages, our husbands, we will makes sacrifices to make our marriage a priority over other things.

The bible says that it’s not good for man to be alone. Not just men but mankind, people. We were created, in God’s image, for relationships. Our marriage union is the closest of all relationships. The two shall become one flesh. 

My husband needs to know that he’s not alone in this marriage, and that I still have the determination to keep working on our marriage, keep staying committed, and keep kindling my passion for him.

So, what are YOU passionate about?

If you would like to join in, the rules are simple. Link up an encouraging post about marriage with the direct url to the post. Next week’s word is “Quick to Listen.”  Join us then for more Marriage Monday!

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