Works for Me Wednesday: Kitty & Doggy Faces

Have I got a tip for you! A golden, magic, cure-all for anything, 99-cent-from-the-dollar-store tip for almost any occasion! It’s my little secret… but now it’s yours. 😉

That secret is: giving your kids a kitty cat (or doggy) face with a cheap eye liner pencil. Yup. That’s right.

I use this as behavior control: At the doctor’s office I’ll toss a brown eyeliner in my purse and tell the children that if they behave well while we sign in and wait in the waiting room that I will reward them with a kitty cat face while we wait for the doctor in the exam room. Not only does this keep them on their best behavior in the waiting room, but it also gives you something to do in the exam room.

I use this as a reward: I will tell them ahead of time they can have kitty cat faces when we get home if they behave well while grocery shopping, or while running errands, or any other boring-for-small-children tasks.

I use this as incentive: I’ll promise to give kitty cat faces once the chores are done, but not before then. It’s amazing how fast they can clean!

I’ll use this for fun on a ‘rainy’ day: On rainy, blah, or sick days, days when the kids are stir crazy or bored, I’ll suggest the kitty cat faces and suddenly the sun is shining a little bit brighter in our house.


To draw a cat:

Start by drawing a small upside down triangle on the tip of the nose. Draw two lines up each side of the bridge of the nose and follow around directly under the eyebrows. Draw two lines extending down from the tip of the nose to the top of the mouth and curving back up at the corners of the mouth. Draw three dots inside each “lip” and add the whiskers.


To draw a puppy:

Start by filling in the tip of the nose and around the nostrils. Draw two lines that start at the middle of the upper lip and curve up to the nose and down around the corners of the mouth. Add some dots inside. Add a lower lip by drawing a curved line under the middle of the bottom lip. Add a circle around one of the eyes.


Tips: Try to avoid getting eyeliner in the eyebrows because it doesn’t come off as easily. To remove I use a baby wipe or washcloth to remove most of it, and then toss them (each kid) in the bathtub! 🙂

Yes, my kids love to have kitty cat faces. It’s a multi-purpose tool. It’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s fun. You can’t beat that combination! 🙂

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