Last Friday I told you about a project I did with the kids during the week, making our own sensory balloons (or stress balls, whichever you want to use them for!) This was the EASIEST thing. And the kids had a blast. (I mean, bouncing off the walls, can’t contain their excitement, full on squealing GLEE. Ask my mom, she called in the middle of it!)

So how do you make your own sensory balloons? Easy Peasy.

Step 1: Gather your materials.

  • soda or water bottle
  • scissors
  • 1/4 c measuring cup
  • balloons
  • fillers – flour, sugar, corn starch and water/glue, bird seed (or some other small seed like flax), steel cut oats, whatever you want.

Step 2: Prepare your work space:

  • Using your scissors, cut the top off of a soda or water bottle
  • Gather your fillers – we used flour, sugar, corn starch & glue, and steel cut oats
  • Blow up the balloons and then let the air out to stretch them out

Step 3: Fill your balloons

Fit the end of your balloon over the mouth of the funnel. Let the kids help hold the funnel/balloon, measure 1/4 cup of filler, pour it into the funnel and shake it down into the balloon.

Carefully pry the balloon off of the funnel and tie it off while squishing out as much air as possible.


We made 3 of each so each child had their own sensory balloons.

Step 4:  Play! (After you clean up your mess.)

I wasn’t sure how much glue to pour into the corn starch balloons, as a result each one is different. The one with the most glue felt like it was full of pudding. The one with the least glue felt like it was full of silly putty. The sugar was a fave because you could squish it flat or mold it to a small extent and it would retain its shape. The steel cut oats provide the most sensory input and is also a fave. Personally, I find the flour very soft and relaxing, a better stress ball for me, I guess. =)

The kids enjoy playing with these quietly while I read to them. It’s my hope that they can help provide some sensory stimulation for my hands on learners who need to wiggle while I read!

I hope you enjoy your homemade Sensory Balls. ( But here’s a tip… if you should allow your child to take one in your mom’s car.. don’t let him take the one with corn starch and the most glue. Should he pop it in her car, she will not be happy!! (Eeep!)

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