I say this often… I don’t know what I’d do without Google!! I’m so grateful that I homeschool in this day and age so chock full of such wonderful technology. If I didn’t, I’d definitely have to fork over the big bucks for a really great set of encyclopedias. Because little boys? They ask LOTS of questions!!

Granted, you can’t automatically believe everything you read on the internet, but it’s such a great tool for finding how things work or facts about animals or answers to science questions.

Google isn’t our only cyber homeschool tool, though.

There’s also Netflix, YouTube, Wikipedia and LOADS of educational websites.

YouTube is almost as awesome as Google. Seriously. YES.. there’s a lot of JUNK on there. But you can find a tutorial for almost anything! Princess enjoys origami. YouTube is a good resource for origami tutorials. You can also find tutorials for sewing, crocheting, knitting, drawing, singing exercises, dance lessons, and whoknowswhatelse. Have a kid who has an interest in something you don’t know how to do? YouTube can help!

Educational websites like Khan Academy, NeoK12, BrainPop, and WatchKnowLearn (that’s a new one, haven’t used it yet) are also very helpful. Especially when you’re looking for a video to explain something you’re having trouble teaching or your child is having difficulty grasping. Sometimes watching someone else present it in a different way makes all the difference.

The internet is one of our best and most used tools. And I turn to Google, specifically, quite frequently. What about you?


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