Oh I’m so behind. If I weren’t such a linear thinker I’d just skip “Q” and “R” and catch them the next time around.

But I won’t.

I could use “NOT Quitting” for Q (since I refuse to skip) but I’m going to stick with my original intentions which was “Questions.”

Questions, questions, questions. Ever feel like you’re being pecked to death with questions? There are days that just hearing “Mom..?” makes me cringe and brace for the coming question because the questions have just. not. stopped.

Now, I don’t necessarily want to STOP the questions, do I? I mean.. questions are good. Or at least, mostly. You’ve heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question?” Well maybe not.. but I would argue that there IS such a thing as an unnecessary one.

“Mom,..how do birds build their nests?” “Mom,..mom what does this word mean?” “Mom, remind me again exactly how the sun shines on the moon so that it look different at different times of the month?”

See, THOSE are GOOD questions. The question of the inquisitive mind. Questions that seek to further understanding and knowledge. I LOVE those questions (even an inopportune times.) On the other hand…

“Mom, can I go first?” “Mom, can I have that one, it looks better.” “Mom, why is hers bigger?” “Mom, can you get me a drink?” “Mom, what’s for supper? Can I have something besides that?” Mom, mom, MOM, MOM, MOM. Ahhh!!

These questions, I call them the “selfish questions.” These drive me batty. They don’t follow the “there’s no such things as a stupid question” rule. They’re completely unnecessary and better left unasked. So what’s a mom to do? Well, I’ve been meeting them head on, responding with my own question, or having them rephrase the question more appropriately or asking them to drop it all together and replace it with a kind word instead.

But the other questions… I want more of those! I want to raise curious kids who aren’t afraid to ask questions to understand something better.

And now on to letter ‘R’… what ‘R’ word describes our homeschool, hm? Relaxed. Yes, relaxed will do nicely. Much like my blog, I try to stay pretty regular and on a schedule but when life gets extra “lifey” as it often does (kids are sick, family is in town, we need to regroup, etc.) sometimes you just gotta roll with it and do the best that you can. I often wish I were a little more — what’s the opposite of relaxed? And I am learning to be, at least a little bit. But I still have a long way to go. In the meantime, there is a certain benefit to relaxing a little bit, as long as it’s not overdone. What’s the point of stressing out when a stomach flu messes up a perfect schedule, besides adding gray hairs? ;0)

So there you have it.. Q and R.. I’m almost caught up. This week’s letter is “S.” Until next time,.. this has been the ABC’s of Homeschooling brought to you by Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog. Read her Q and R posts here.

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