I don’t do a lot of reviews here, I’m sure you noticed. But a couple of months ago, following my post about our 20 Minute Clean-Ups, I was offered a free Sonic Scrubber set to try out and review. I’ve seen them before but I’d never actually purchased one and satisfied my curiosity. But as I read the review offer it occurred to me, “Hey, this could be a good way to encourage the kids to clean.”

I like getting the kids to clean.

The time was actually pretty great because we were just about to embark on our three week Spring Break from school and I planned on getting plenty of Spring Cleaning done at the same time. And since then I’ve had plenty of regular daily cleaning to try it out on, too. I think I can safely say we’ve thoroughly tested and tried out these little Sonic Scrubbers!

Here’s a list of the different things I’ve found our Sonic Scrubber very useful for:

  • grime and soap buildup around the base of sink faucets and handles
  • milk rings and other dried liquids inside or at the bottom of the drinking glasses
  • serrated edges of knife blades and dried food between fork tines
  • textured surfaces such as the handle on the refrigerator door
  • nooks/crannies/corners on washable bins, such as the produce drawers in the refrigerator
  • cleaning around buttons and dials on small appliances (toasters, blenders, etc.)
  • removing dust & grime on the window ac (vents, coils behind the filter — with the ac unplugged of course)
  • mesh colanders and the mesh lint trap on the dryer
  • the fabric softener and bleach ports in the washing machine
  • cleaning around the slats/spindles on dining room chairs
  • inside the microwave
  • molded soap trays/shelves inside the shower –this would be good for tile and grout, too, but we don’t have any
  • the inside of the trashcan
  • scrubbing potatoes!

I feel like I’m forgetting something.. I’m sure I am! The kids like using it when they wash dishes or clean the bathroom (and I like that they think it’s fun and they complain less about the cleaning part.) If you get several sets of Sonic Scrubbers you can label each for different types of tasks or rooms to separate the dirtier tasks from the cleaner tasks (bathroom, general use, food safe, etc.) Or if you have one set, you can bleach your brushes between uses to keep them clean for washing dishes, cutting boards and other food-related items.

I did find that when it came to scrubbing plainer, flatter surfaces such as a dinner plate, I preferred to use a sponge and my flat scraper. My scraper scrapes dried food off in one swift motion which is faster and more convenient. But for items with textured surfaces, holes, curves, nooks and crannies, small openings and other hard to reach areas — the Sonic Scrubber was much faster and easier than scrubbing with a sponge, toothbrush or scouring pad. Fastier and Easier are two friends that are always welcome around my house!

As for how long the product lasts.. we’ve been using it for the past two months and don’t need to replace any of the scrubbing heads yet. It still has the original set of batteries that we started with and it still works. If you search for coupon codes when you order refills and if you use rechargeable batteries, you can save yourself a little bit of money on the usage cost. There are several discount offers on their website right now. The brushes interchange easily and quickly, making switching from one task to another quick and easy also.

The verdict: I like the Sonic Scrubber enough that I do plan to buy more brush heads when these wear out and continue using it!

The Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for this review, but I did receive a free Household Cleaning Tool and Brushes Set and a Household All Purpose Accessory Pack to try out and review in my own words. I am not a Scrubbing Bubbles affiliate, but I did use Amazon links in this disclaimer; I would be remiss not to. 😉 Every penny I earn through Amazon is spent on Homeschool Curriculum.

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