This school year still has plenty of life left in it but I’m already planning ahead for next year! I’m hoping to earn as much as I can myself to cover some of the expenses (with Amazon affiliate links, Adsense, Swagbucks and Sponsored Tweets.) If I make a plan now, I can estimate how much the next school year is going to cost and start working toward that goal. I can start buying things here and there instead of needing it all at once in July. Sounds smart, right?

I’ve been making a list. (I’m still adding to it!) ;0)

Much of what we’ll be doing is continued from this year but there are several new things I’m excited about. Picking out curriculum is so energizing and motivating! It’s never fun to buy something you think is going to be wonderful and end up disappointed with it. If you’ve used any of these before and have feedback – I’d love to hear it!

This year we discovered the wonderful world of group learning and next we’re going to add even more group learning!

Group Curriculum:


I received the Who is God textbook (and notebooking journal) and after looking through it I decided that I’m not going to save this for next year but do it this year. We’ll learn about attributes of God, our relationship with God, some basic theology — things we’d have learned while studying the catechism but also more. This curriculum really challenges us to think about these things and develop our worldview, which I think is important. I still kind of want to have and read through the Church History ABCs and Trial & Triumph, so I may decided to buy them to add to our homeschool library, we’ll see!




Everything I’ve listed so far are really just sequels to what we’ve been using (and thoroughly enjoying) this year. But THIS.. THIS.. is new as a “group” subject and I’m so excited about that!

Language Arts


Character Training

Character training is something that should be going on every day but this year I’m thinking about adding some intentional training to our school day. I’ve seen the Polished Cornerstones book before, used by a church friend, and we have a Sticky Situations book we’ve had for a while but never used. I think something like these two things together could be used to bring about discussion and training on good character and thinking through what we would do in tough situations.


I’ve given in to the noise! I’ve gone ahead and started letting them bang on the piano. Yes, I’ve lost my mind… I went ahead and purchased Teaching Little Fingers to Play: A Book for the Earliest Beginner (John Thompsons Modern Course for The Piano) to get them started and when we’re done with that we’ll switch to the Bastien series which came recommended by a piano teaching friend. I had the chance to flip through them at a friend’s house and I’m pleased with the design, layout and content being taught.


Individual Subjects

Additional Language Arts Practice

Princess, Age 11, Grade 6/7:

Drama Queen, Age 8, Grade 3:

Little Prince, Age 5, Grade K:



Drama Queen:

For Mom:

I almost feel like I’m missing something.. but probably not with THAT monster list, right?! I’m really, really looking forward to getting some of these things!! I would like some feedback though…

~ If you’ve ever used “Our Mother Tongue”: I’d love to know if you liked it, if you used it for multiple grades, adapted it for younger children, etc?

~ Have you used “Writing Strands?” I’ve seen that name floating around the internet many times before.. What do you think?

~ I’m really curious to know if anyone has used “God and the History of Art” before and what they thought about it?

YES. This is a lot of stuff!! If we actually end up getting everything (I’m still holding out hope..) this will be the fullest, most complete year of homeschooling we’ve had to date. I’m not worried about overloading or overplanning though. Not really! Science and History are on alternating days, art and p.e. aren’t every day, etc, etc. We don’t have to do EVERY BOOK on EVERY DAY. To help organize and get enough done without being overwhelmed I’ll be using Samantha Kelley’s file folder system for printables (that I linked to above) and assignments for each week, and a new modified version of our workbox system. (Another post coming soon to a blog near you.)

What about you? Are you already making a list? What’s on yours?

P.S. If you are interested, I have some curriculum for sale on my Classic Housewife Facebook Page. I tried to list them fairly cheap, I hope I succeeded!

P.P.S. – this post has Amazon affiliate links and a link to my affiliate Sponsored Tweet page.

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