I am not Oprah. Oh, you already knew that, did you? 😉 But if I were, I’d make a list of all of my favorite things and all of America would “ooh” and “ahh” over them and decide they must have them.

But if I did, my list would not include any kind of gift with a hand painted picture of my dog on it (or cat in my case)– seriously, what is up with that? Truly, my friend Beck (Frog & Toad Are Still Friends) has done a great job narrating her way through Oprah’s list — and all of her friends’ lists, too. Beck humorously picks up on the “pointless overindulgence” of it all. Really, go read her post now.

No, wait, read mine first! And then hers. Better.

As I was saying, If I were Oprah I’d make a list. Well, I’m not Oprah but I’m going to make a list anyway. Because if wishes were horses and if Santa still read my wishlist, I might actually give or receive some of these things. Alas, I AM Santa, and I have three children and several family members to bless so at best I will most likely get myself only one of these (and that being whichever is cheapest.)

Without further ado, I present:

Amber’s Favorite Things

1.) Bath & Body Works. Because it’s better than the multi-mart stuff and because I can’t afford the really high dollar stuff. And besides which, you can find a scent to please just about anybody. My personal favorites are Moonlight path, Sensual Amber & Twilight Woods. I’m pretty good on bath soap now, so lotions, perfumes and candles would be nice. Just, if you were wondering. Also, P.S. I don’t like anything with cucumber or sandalwood in it. Just, FYI. ; )

2.) JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds (Pink). I’ve never actually had a pair, but I’ve always wanted some! Sometimes in the middle of clamor of life what I really need to bring my blood pressure down is a little bit of music to block out the chaos for a little while. What better than a pair of headphones that can really BLOCK OUT the chaos?? Don’t you want some, too?

3.) Pyrus Electronics 4gb Mp3 / mp4 / mp5 Player. What? I’d need something to go with my headphones! Even if the headphone jack on my laptop still worked (which is doesn’t) I wouldn’t want to be attached to the computer while listening to music now would I? Maybe I’d even go exercise or walking while listening to my tunes. Maybe.

4.) Small Kitchen Appliances. Who doesn’t love a good kitchen appliance? My mom already knows this. My early Christmas present arrived this week – a Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven and YES, I already love it! Thanks, Mom! Add one to your Christmas list, too. Or give one to a friend..Watch for a good sale and grab one up! Not only is it cool, but it’s practical. It’s the best of both worlds.

5.) A Kindle. Yeah, I went there. I used to think I didn’t want one, but now I’m not so sure. As I find more and more online free digital products for homeschool (the ones that can just be read and don’t need to printed out and filled in or cut or glued), the more I think, “Hey! This might actually be pretty cool! And besides, if I had one, I would look pretty cool, too!” So now, okay, sure, why not? At least they’ve come down in price since they first came out, right? So now, sure… a Kindle can go on the list, too.

6.) Trendy Laptop Sleeve. Great for your laptop carrying friend. *ahem* Practical AND fun. Not to mention that you can find them on Etsy and support someone’s home made business. Now how’s that for a bargain. Oh, Etsy! Because every laptop deserves to look stylish and trendy while being transported. It’s true!

7.) You know what else you can find on Etsy? Hand-printed flour sack towels for the coffee lover. How cute are these? Again – Oh, Etsy! I don’t know what it is, but I just keep wanting to find some cute flour sack towels. Or buy some flour sack towels and do something cute to them. But, you know, it’s easier if somebody else has already done it.

8.) Yankee Candles. I looooove candles. And tart burners and all sorts of smelly things. Yankee Candles really are awesome. The scent is true and strong but not cheap or tacky enough to overwhelm you and make you nauseous. They last a really long time, especially when you use them with a candle warmer. My favorite scent, especially for this time of year but I’ll burn the thing year round if I like: Christmas Eve. I’d have never thought you could bottle a Christmas Eve smell but they did. They describe it as “a warm hearth, sugared plums and candied fruits.” It’s perfect.

9.) Scentsy Candles. Though, they’re not really “candles.” I have a friend that sells these and the amazing thing about these (aside from the fact that they don’t use a flame and the wax doesn’t get hot enough to burn) is that they are amazingly strong and can easily perfume your entire house. And yes, I really do use both candles & Scentsy — just not at the same time. 😉 I have the Boleyn Warmer which is just beautiful and the scent I originally purchased has been discontinued so I guess I’ll have to try something new. Maybe something fruity or nutty (No wise cracks!) but I have to admit the “Cozy Fireside” sounds intriguing.

10.) And last but not least — A WEEKEND AWAY. What I’ve asked hubby for that I really want.. a weekend without kids, in a hotel, just myself. Okay, well, maybe hubby could come, too. If he’s QUIET. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t love a gift like that, even if they don’t have kids or aren’t married, who wouldn’t want to get away for a weekend? Not that I don’t love my kids, but it’s been a year since I’ve had some alone time, I’m just sayin’. If Santa wanted to be really, really awesome he’d give me two nights away to rest, read, journal, pray and regroup. Hello, Santa? Hello? …


And so there you have it, “Amber’s Favorite Things.” Practical gifts for practically anybody, or, at the very least, for me.

Like I said, though, lately ‘Santa’ has gotten a bit cheap so I’m expecting something small and inexpensive. Santa has been known to give razors and kitchen spatulas in the past. So. We’ll see.

What would be on YOUR list of favorite things?

Okay, now you can go read Beck’s post. Go on! It’s funny. I promise.

P.S. Those Amazon links? Yeah, they have affiliate links. It’s pennies, but every single penny I make through Amazon goes directly towards buying books and things for homeschooling.
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