YES. I did exercise the past two days. No, I did not blog about it yesterday. I was feeling very bloggy unmotivated. Which basically means I spent a lot of time online, browsing and wasting time but not really accomplishing anything. It also means that I just basically wasted a lot of time yesterday…

But I DID exercise.


So here’s the rundown for Day 10:

Activity: Exercising on The Gazelle
Activity Length: 55 minutes!
Difficulty: I exercised while watching the first hour of the season premiere of Chuck – which made exercising a lot more enjoyable! I maintained at least a moderate pace the whole time, increasing intensity during the commercials, and keeping my heart rate up for a whole 55 minutes! I was really tired when I stopped, but hadn’t yet reached the “I just can’t go any farther” point — which is really awesome because in the past I was doing well if I made it all the way to 30 minutes!
How I feel: Excited to see my endurance increasing.
Tomorrow: Day 6 of the Shred, here I come!!

And here’s the rundown for Day 11:

Activity: Strength training/floor exercises. I didn’t get my workout in before hubby went to bed, so I took my handweights and some moves from The Shred to the living room.
Activity Length: 20 minutes (I’m just guessing, I didn’t time it, just counted reps.)
Difficulty: I tried to make it hard enough to be a good workout. I started with 50 crunches. I was half sure I could do that many easy peasy and half sure that it was going to be way too hard. I made it to 45 with stopping for a breather! Then I did 50 pushups, 50 squats and presses with the hand weights, 50 static lunges with bicep curls and 50 side lunches with anterior raises. Phew!
How I feel: I was really tired! I guess I did a pretty good job without Jillian. Still, I think I’ll stick to the video for the rest of the month. ; )
Tomorrow: Tonight, I really really AM going to do The 30 Day Shred!

Since I missed two Days of the Shred (one intentionally and one not), I really want to make sure I get to that tonight. And especially since I didn’t update my food journal the past couple days and I think I may have eaten a bit too much, I need to make sure I get back on that horse, too.

Enough about me, how are YOU doin’?

If you’re just now finding this challenge, start here.

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