As much as I want to stay out of this, I can’t, because 1.) I love shopping through Amazon, I plan on doing most or all of my shopping through Amazon and 2.) Pedophilia has recently affected some people in my real life circle, how can I sit here and keep my mouth shut about something like this??

The problem is this: Amazon has approved a book for sale in which the author teaches pedophiles how to PREPARE young children for their purposes and how to go about it in such a way as to receive a lighter sentence if they get caught.

I’m in shock. I can’t believe that the book even made it online. Amazon being a business, they get to pick and choose what they sell. Somebody approved that. This isn’t like Amazon selling books on other religions, or even other lifestyles.. this books aims to teach people how to do something illegal and how to get away with it! And the victims here– Don’t get me started.

Better writers than me have been writing about this today. First, read the report on Business Insider (I believe associated with the San Fransisco Chronicle.) And then if you feel spurred on to take some kind of action, read this blog post at Mama Says. She tells the story better anyway.

I’m not trying to start something, it’s already been started! And I’m not saying that people can’t write whatever they want to write — but good grief that doesn’t mean that stores have to actually sell it! I’d be just as offended by a “How to Commit Murder/Rape/ChildAbuse and Get Away With It” book. Businesses can choose not to sell those. I’d have hoped, even as broad as Amazon is, that they’d have had better sense.

Update: An online petition has been started, a petition to Amazon to disallow the publication of works with intent to promote harm to innocents:

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