The most fun part about the holidays as far as  my kids are concerned is the crafts, the decorating and the activities. Well, unless there are presents. But otherwise it the crafts and fun stuff. To be honest, I quite like it, too.

And I always like finding new crafts and ideas online to keep things fresh & exciting. The kids and I are doing something new this year and they are all going to Thanksgiving dinner dressed as indians. Oh yes they are. We’ve already made our necklaces and bracelets. Over the course of the week they are going to also get headbands, painted (paper sack) vests, and the girls will get dresses but the boy will wear brown shirt and pants under his vest and headdress.

Yesterday we kicked off our Thankful Tree and we’ll work on that all week long trying to fill it up as much as we possibly can. I’d also hoped to find time to make some additional Thanksgiving decorations, like these paper bag turkeys.

Here’s a few other ideas for easy Thanksgiving crafts:

  1. Corny Cookies: look like mini corn on the cobs (but the M&M’s are sure to please any kid.)
  2. Paper Cornucopia Craft
  3. Girl’s Paper Pilgrim Bonnet
  4. How about these teepees and houses (from little milk cartons and paper plates)
  5. Paper & Nature Thanksgiving Banner
  6. Woven Fall Placemat (you could do this with construction paper too)
  7. Fall Leaf Spiral Mobile
  8. Thanksgiving Bingo
  9. Paper Bag Scarecrow
  10. Paper Plate Scarecrow
  11. Pilgrim Paper Finger Puppets
  12. Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Bouquet

Websites chock full of Thanksgiving resources:

  1. Kaboose
  2. FamilyFun.Go.Com
  3. DLTK
  4. EdHelper
  5. abcteach.com
  6. Parents.com

Plenty of good stuff, there huh? Let me know if you’ve made any of these and how they turned out. Or do you have links to other crafts and activities that you’ve done with your kids?

Remember, this post is a part of the Give-Thanks-Giving bloggiversary party. And for grins and giggles, what is YOUR Thanksgiving i.q.? Do you know how many pounds of turkey is consumed in America on Thanksgiving Day? (I didn’t!)

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