“Grandpa, Grandpa!”

“Yes, dear, what is it?”

Placing her hands on his. “Will you tell me a story?”

“A story, eh?.. Hmm. Well, lets see what I can do about that.”

Cupping her chin he asked, “Should I tell you about when you were born, and God taught me about his goodness? Or the day I first held your mother and she wrapped her hand around my finger, and God taught me about sacrifice? Should I tell you about marrying your grandmother, and God teaching me how to love?”

Grinning, “No, grandpa, tell me the other one.”

Grandpa smiled. “I know just the one. I’ll tell you the story about the day God picked me up, and taught me about His grace, that I didn’t deserve…”


There’s something about this photo that defies the 40-word rule. When I think about grandparents, I think about their stories, and all the wisdom they have to share.

When I looked at this photo and thought about all the things our grandparents (and their parents and their parents) have seen, it made me realize that we have, through their stories and testimonies, a living, ongoing testimony to God’s continued faithfulness.

At the same time, the photo made me think of God, and coming to him like a child – trusting Him completely, with a child-like faith and with a child-like whole-hearted love. The same way that the little girl is looking at her grandfather. She loves him. She trusts him. She adores him.

For more Friday’s 40-Or-Less (But not this week!) visit Robin, who it seems, also broke the 40 Word Limit this week. 😉

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