Oh wow, this is going to be one crazy week! I never even got to menu-planning last week! I’m gonna try to stick to it this week, though. To make things easier though I am going to plan the suppers and let the other meals land where they may with a selection of easy-peasy options in the pantry. Ya know, like, sandwiches. 🙂

  • Sunday – Pizza Night – ’nuff said
  • Monday – Breakfast Night -A little bit of everything. Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits, Gravy, Fruit, Coffee, OJ. MM-mmm.
  • Tuesday – Family Casserole
  • Wednesday – Taco Night – Double layer tacos
  • Thursday – Slow Cooking – We’re gonna try this Pizza Rigatone recipe that I found at Laura’s.
  • Friday – Meatball Subs
  • Saturday – Grilled Chicken, Ranch & Bacon Pasta Salad

So that’s what our week looks like so far. We’ll see how it actually turns out later. 🙂

And by the way, what do y’all think about my new blog look? Like it – yes, no? I’m trying it out. Kinda like slipping on a pair of high heels and walking around the store for a minute. Only without the little stocking sock things. 😛 I really did like the other one, but I was thinking about trying something that highlights links better, which this one does. And I think the font might be a little easier to read. And not only that but it sets aside quotes better too. So, lemme know what y’all think. You know how indecisive I am otherwise. 😉

For more Menu Plan Monday, head to Laura’s!


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Hey, y’all! I’m Amber and I wear many hats. I drink a ton of coffee and I’m constantly sweeping crumbs off the floor. After 18 years of homeschooling, I’m getting close to graduating my third child and now we are starting over at preschool with our fourth, Lil Miss Mouse. She keeps us young and she’s the main reason for my excessive coffee consumption. Drink up!