As the next school year approaches and as I fill out online forms for free posters and homeschool trips to the zoo, I’ve started to wonder…. do we need a name for our homeschool?

I don’t know if I need one at this point or not, but I think I want to go ahead and pick one out so we have it if we need it. I know a lot of people just do (last name) Homeschool Academy or something like that, but I don’t like our last name for that.

So I’m wondering: How many of you have given your school a name? How did you pick it out? Do you like Such and Such Homeschool or Such and Such Academy or is there some other option I haven’t thought of? For some reason I don’t like ‘academy’ as much – maybe because it sounds so much more strict than we are. 🙂 We are flexible eclectic homeschoolers.

I’m kinda thinking about Faith-something. I looked it up on google and there is a TON of faith academy this or that. But still, I think it is good. Faith Academy or Faith Homeschool Academy.

I also like Seeds of Faith something or other. My daughter just suggested Faith Family Homeschool.

Feel free to leave suggestion in the suggestion box!


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