I finally got some containers for the first plants for my container garden. A friend gave me two tomato plants and two marigold plants. The marigolds are supposed to be natural insect repellents and they also remind me of my early childhood days in California.


Today I transplanted the plants from the little pots I brought them into the new, bigger pots I bought for them. It was raining so I re-potted them, added a little bit of rainwater I collected and then set them along the porch wall to catch a little more rain. Also, I discovered that the pots I bought are made from recycled materials. Between that and the water conservation, it gave me a little extra bounce in my step.


I may have to eventually transplant the tomatoes into even bigger pots, but we’ll see how it goes for now. At the moment I have 13 little baby tomatoes, ranging in size from teeny tiny to just over an inch. Before long I will have fresh tomatoes for my salads. Yay!


After the rain is gone and everything dries out, I’ll have to go back and sweep up the dirt that got spilled and clean off the outsides of the pots. I hope to slowly expand my container garden to include other things like onion and garlic, cucumbers and green beans, lettuce and peas. I also want to start an herb garden. But for now this is a good start. You gotta start somewhere, right? 🙂


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