Captain Jack, 6 Months

For those of you who remember us bringing home a 2 week old, syringe feeding, baby Cockatiel back in January,…

Yes, Captain Jack is still alive, healthy and happy. And I think..maybe.. He’s a she. Duh duh duhhhh..

He’s six month’s old now and he’s molting:

The yellow striped feathers are growing back in (the boys are supposed to lose those when they molt.) But the yellow on his/her face has spread and gotten brighter (which it’s not supposed to do if it’s a girl.) I’m also pretty sure Captain Jack is a “cinnamon” — meaning not a Normal Gray. Whichever, I love his/her colorings and we’re still happy to have Captain Jack. Or, Captain Jaq. Or whatever.

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July 12, 2012 10:03 pm

Oh boy, that made me laugh. 🙂 He/she is a very handsome/pretty bird!!!! 🙂

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