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Advent Event, Day 4: The Spirit of Giving

We know that Christmas is about giving, and about the greatest gift ever given. But we also know that it’s the GETTING that often takes center stage. How do we overcome that, especially with our children? Encouraging our children to give of their time or resources is a good start. Let it be said that […]

Advent Event – The Spirit of Baking

Yes, you can BAKE your way into the holiday spirit! (Some of you are paying attention now – say what? Food? What?) Think about it. Baking something together, with family, with friends, with your children – promotes spending time together. Baking something to give away – um, hello, GIVING? You can even decorate with food. […]

Advent Event, Day 3: Decorating With Intent

Decorations create the mood in a home, and can be used symbolically to enhance our Advent celebrations. There is nothing inherently evil about snowmen or reindeer, don’t get me wrong. Personally, I prefer not to use ornaments that make people think of secular Christmas traditions instead of a Savior who was born to die for […]

Advent Event, Day 2: Traditions

We have many traditions that we repeat each year to make our Advent season meaningful and keep the holidays focused on Jesus Christ. Some of our activities change from year to year, but these are the traditions that we’ve begun and I hope and pray that these traditions are carried on through the generations. Our […]

The Advent Event – Sharing Christmas ideas, traditions, tips and more!

Today is the first day of Advent! If you don’t know what Advent is, it’s basically a Catholic tradition which celebrates the coming of Christ as a child and his promised Second Coming – and it runs from roughly after Thanksgiving until the beginning of January. Now, I’m not Catholic. But after being exposed to […]

Advent Resources

First, start here: Where is He?┬áThis post really sums up why we do Advent and what we try to accomplish by it. Advent is not a means to more stuff, more projects, and more busyness on the calendar. It does bring some of that. But the end goal is more purpose, more focus on why […]

A Simple Advent 2012

Every year we celebrate Advent, but every year is a little different. Once again I find the need to scale back and celebrate simply. With a move on the immediate horizon, we’ve decided not to pull out all of our Christmas decor and paraphernalia, and we’ve decided to scale back our activities as well. But […]