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With my 17 year old working for the summer, I decided to switch things up a bit for summer school this year! What IF… we learn about things the kids want to learn about? Crazy, right?

So I sat down with each of them, old fashioned pen and paper in hand, and we made lists.

To no one’s surprise, my son’s list is all science, science, and more science. With only a few suggestions from me, my son whipped up a mainly science-minded list in about five minutes flat. It was easy-peasy. Now, I just have to find materials and resources he can use to learn about these things, right? 😉

The Interest-Led Science List

Buddy Summer

As you can see, it’s quite the list! He’s been asking to learn about some of these for quite some time now! 

I’ve been trying to find some good resources for him to use. Preferably free, of course. Free is always better. =)

I’ve actually been finding quite a bit, so today let’s just focus on the physics/chemistry area. Simple and compound machines, work, etc.. I think these things also technically fall under the category of “physics.” But I’ve pulled that one out separately, because it seems like a good approach to me, to start there, then dig a little further into additional physics topics. After covering physics, we’ll move on to chemistry.

That said, there is way too much source material here for us to use! But since I want my son to help choose how long we spend on a topic, I want to have plenty for him to pick and choose from.

Middle School Physics and Chemistry Topics to Learn About:

*Note: I link to three items on Amazon below, and when I do, I’ve used my affiliate links. 

Simple (And Compound) Machines


Basic Physics


Basic Chemistry


Phew! That’s a lot of science!

I feel like we could spend all summer keeping ourselves busy with just these topics–and who knows, we might. But I also know that my son really wants to start learning about coding and computers, so we shall see. =)

For now, that’s a good start! Next I’ll start researching coding, programming, computers, (and Minecraft.) Stay tuned…

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