“G.” “G” can stand for a lot of things. It could be “grades.” Grades are important but only in as much as they show evidence for improvement or decline, and for as much as they allow our kids to get into the college they want when the time comes.

“G” could stand for “Geography” — a subject I feel is often overlooked and under-taught. Or even “Grammar” for that matter. Two subjects which I will hopefully do my children the justice of teaching appropriately.

“G” could even stand for “girls” because you know the girls outnumber the boys over here and there are plenty of hormones flowing up in here!

Most importantly to me, though.. “G” stands for “God.” As a Christian, my world, my life, my goals (another ‘g’ word), my homeschool… revolves around God. He gave me what I have. He made me who I am. He gives me strength. He gives us blessings and challenges.

What does that mean as a parent, as a homeschooler? Where do I begin?

It means that for me, I can’t separate where the beauty of a sunset, a planet revolving around the sun, or the beating of a newborn’s heart ends and God begins. The lungs breathe because God made them that way. The stars shine because God made them shine. (I realize that we don’t all agree on that. I realize that there are others who don’t include God in their studies and that’s all of our prerogative.)

It means that I like to find science and history curriculum that gives credit to God as the author and maker of our world — curriculum which does teach other mainstream philosophies such as evolution, and what it is, and what it means, and why people believe it but also gives supporting evidence to things like a young earth and why people believe that. More than just telling my children what to think, I want to teach them HOW to think, and I want them to know WHY they think that.

It means that we often pray for our school day (though admittedly not often enough!) and that we seek God’s will, guidance and strength in everything from curriculum to routine to planning for junior high and high school.

It does NOT mean that we are perfect – far from it!- or that every moment of every day around here is like a Sunday School class. It doesn’t mean that we only hang out with other Christian homeschoolers (though admittedly most of my friends and fellow homeschoolers ARE because those are the people I run into the most.) It doesn’t mean that I think you have to school the same way.

But for me I have to. I can’t NOT include God in our daily life, our school, our everything. He is the most important thing in my life. My hope, though there is no guarantee, is that He will one day be the most important thing to each of my children, too.

What other “G” things does homeschool mean for you?

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