Raise your hand if you have books. No, I mean EXTRA books? *raises hand* Don’t we all? Even though I save the majority of our books to be passed on to younger children, I still end up with some things that I don’t intend to keep for one reason or another. I didn’t think I had that much, but once I actually started pulling things off shelves, (and out of the “attic” – I sure hope appreciate me going up there!) I found that I do have a little stash of books I can sell off to make a little bit of curriculum money for new books. Who doesn’t like a little bit of “out with the old and in with the new??”

I’m going to be completely fair and not try to rip you off, okay? I mean, what’s the point of buying used books if you’re not saving any money, right? ;0) And I’ll make it as easy as I can. If you’re interested in any of the following, leave a comment or e-mail me–It’ll be first come, first come first serve. If you have any additional questions about anything, just ask, okay? I’m not including pictures, but I will if you ask for one. I AM, however, linking to new ones at their various retail locations so you can read their descriptions and see their prices brand new. (Also, my preferred method of payment is Paypal.)

BJU Press: Reading, Once Upon An Open Book, 3A & 3B Student Texts– a 2 book, hardback set of BJU 3rd grade readers. No marks or tears on the pages that I can see. Binding in good condition. Originally 27.50 each. These items are no longer for sale. There are corresponding teacher manuals and worktext which I don’t have. You may be able to find them for sale somewhere else, or these can be used alone. $15.00 postage paid to contiguous United States. Contact me for shipping outside the states.

Saxon Math 3, Home Study Teacher’s Edition – Spiral bound teacher’s edition for Saxon Math 3. Still available for sale (new for $61.50) and the supporting books and workbooks are available for sale here. The cover shows minor wear, no writing on the pages, a few smudges here and there – and what appears to be coffee dribbled on the top edge of a small section of the book. *Ahem* The book is still in pretty good condition and I can take pictures if you are interested. This book is pretty heavy and large, I’ll do $20.00 plus shipping calculated to your destination. I’ll ship to the contiguous U.S., contact for shipping outside the states.

Saxon Math 6/5 Teacher’s Edition, 2nd Edition, 2001Public School version, not the homeschool version. Good condition. This is pretty nifty because it’s just like the student book but with the answers right there in it – as opposed to the answers listed in a separate book. These are $68 brand new, I found one on ebay with “obvious wear” listed for $12 (plus shipping). You can find the student texts on ebay pretty easily and pretty cheap. I’ll sell this one in good condition for $20.00 postage paid, to the contiguous US of course. Contact for shipping outside the states.

The Story of the World, Volume 1 Ancient Times (First Edition, Paperback) & The Story of the World, Volume 2 The Middle Ages (Revised Edition, Paperback) – The volume 1, as I’ve noted is the 1st edition and the Volume 2 is the revised addition. They are both in excellent condition. They’re about $15 – $17 brand new. I don’t have any of the other correlating items, but if you need them they are cheapest at Christianbook.com. ;0) Sold as a set for $18.00, postage paid, to the contiguous U.S, contact for shipping outside the states.

Green Thumbs: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening – Paperback, fairly good condition. The pages are in excellent condition, no markings, the cover shows minimal wear. Overall the book shows a little wear (curvature) from being thumbed through and looked at. Retail price is $15.00, price on Amazon is $10.17 plus shipping, I’ll sell it for $8.00 postage paid to the contiguous U.S., contact for shipping outside the states.

Okay, so that’s it. See? Just a little bit of stuff I’ve got collecting on my shelf. If you need it, I would love to help you save some money – and de-clutter my bookcase at the same time! Now I just need to find something to do with all the other books that I’m saving to pass on while they’re not being used!!

Now it’s your turn:

If you’ve got some curriculum or other teaching tools collecting dust on your shelves, now’s your chance to find someone who’s looking for what you’re not using. List your link in the linky on Monday’s post and then see what happens. If you don’t blog or don’t want to post it on your blog, you could also post it in a Facebook note (make it public) and link to that, OR, you can leave it in a comment in the Facebook Discussion. Deal?

For me? I haven’t bought anything! I’m totally up for buying The Mystery of History Volume 1, or Apologia Astronomy used and in good condition. Just, ya know, in case you’re looking to sell. 😉 Now go forth and help a homeschool Momma out. (Not necessarily me.) =)

P.S. The linkies are going to be open ALL NEXT WEEK, so it’s not too late to join in and link up. I’ll also probably post about what I learned from you all this week. Thank you so much for joining in and making this the most fun carnival I have hosted here at Classic Housewife. Muchas Gracias!

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