I don’t sort my laundry. I haven’t for years!

I used to sheepishly tell people or not admit to it at all, but it’s true. And recently, I’ve been finding some online validation that if you do, in fact, wash only in cold water (and wash brand new reds and blues separately the first few times just in case) that this really is okay. Really really.

Phew! What A LOAD off of my chest. ;0)

It’s a good thing, because I didn’t really have plans on changing any time soon. Because this whole “not sorting” thing? It works well. Really well.

Why not sort?

Each of the kids has their own laundry basket that doubles as a hamper. When they are full, their entire load of laundry can be washed – all together – dried, and returned to THEIR basket, handed back TO THEM, folded BY THEM and put in their dresser. BY THEM. And if your child is old enough – and my older two are – they can even do the washing and drying THEMSELVES!! (They’re supposed to turn clothes right side out, check for stains and set aside if they have something that needs to be pre-treated for Mommy to deal with later.)

This is a good thing.

Another reason: I can wash all of my husband’s work clothes together in one or two loads and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I have enough of everything clean to keep him going to work fully clothed and looking good. (Oh how I hate looking in the closet to find that nothing clean matches!)

If you have good water, as in not overloaded with an abundance of iron, you can go ahead and separate out bleaches. Otherwise, bleach actually binds the iron to the clothes and makes it worse. Yuck-O. It seems the iron staining is worse when washing in hot water, too. So if you’re in my boat you can just stick with cold water, skip the bleach, maybe add some Oxi Clean or Borax or something. We’ve just resigned ourselves to the fact that we’ll have to replace our socks a little more frequently.

Now of course, I like to wash jeans together, and keep towels together. But after I’ve washed the kids clothes individually, pulled out all of Big Daddy’s clothes from the bathroom hamper (except for his jeans) and then followed up with a load of my own clothes… there’s nothing left but jeans and towels anyway. (Well.. you know, on a good day when I am caught up on laundry. When you’re behind on laundry, well, “not sorting” is a great way to jump in and just start washing whatever is closest!)

Not sorting. Works for me. What works for you?

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