Funny little people.

My house if full of them. Both literally (all 3 of my kids inherited a large dose of silliness and humor from my husband) and also on paper… my 4yo son draws pictures of funny little people everywhere he goes. He draws funny little cars and trees, too, but a large amount of what he draws looks like this:

(Remember the time I looked at the wall behind his bedroom door to find a sea of funny faces drawn on the wall??)
At least he’s drawing on paper now. 😉

Let me introduce you to some of his “friends.”

I picked these for this week’s Popinjay Challenge, because my little boy is one of the funniest things in my life right now. He’s a total class clown. He makes silly faces, does funny things, he tells funny jokes (jokes that aren’t really funny but funny because he’s trying and has no clue how to really tell a joke), he draws funny pictures,.. he’s just funny. Always entertaining. It’s something he got from his Daddy.

His daddy won me over by being a class clown and entertainer, too. He and a friend of his were always going at it. They had some regular funny bits they always did for people: pretending to reach for something and “accidentally” knock their drink over (after they drank it and it was empty but everybody else didn’t know that so everyone would freak out til they realized there was no mess), going through drive-thrus and ordering with random accents and then not using accents at the cash window, pretending to forget and leave their drink on top of the car and starting to pull out of the parking lot while people were waving and pointing it out… silly stuff. The kinds of things you’d be simultaneously embarrassed to be seen with them for and also find hilarious at the same time.

Now I look at my little boy and he does things like pretending to trip and falling over.. and he’s four.. and I think, “Oh boy, just wait until he’s a teenager!” 🙂

He’s my funny little man. Taking after my funny Big Daddy. And I love them both so much. (And the girls, too. Can’t leave them out.)

What does funny look like to you??


This week and next, I’m hosting Popinjay for Michelle. She’s got some illnesses in her family to deal with and she could really use some prayer. (Also, she doesn’t really need to be worrying about things like Popinjay!) It’s probably no coincidence (I don’t believe in them) that she’s going through this immediately after God has done some really amazing and cool things in her life. Just sayin. So I’m going to help out these two weeks and Karina is going to take the next two.

If you are unfamiliar with the Popinjay photo challenge, check out the Popinjay challenges from previous weeks.

And now for the rest of the Popinjay info:


Next week’s word is: EXCESSIVE

You have from now until next Monday to take your photo, post it and you’ll be able to link it next Monday. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Words coming soon:

Week #18–Content
Week #19–Powerful
Week #20–Joyful

pop⋅in⋅jay–noun–a person given to vain, pretentious displays and empty chatter.
In other words, blogging. 😉
Isn’t that what this personal blogging is all about? Me. Me. Me. For this photo challenge, that’s perfect. We’re going to dig inside of ourselves and do some “concept photography.”
I’m going to give you a word and you’re going to take a photo of something that describes the concept of the word.
You CANNOT take pictures of your kids or your pets for this challenge. Or anyone else’s kids or pets. I know they’re precious, but they make your creative bone lazy. Let’s get outside of the box. Let’s be challenged.

Please leave the link to your post (not the link to your website or blog.) For example:


So–Let’s see your photos for FUNNY.
Link up and don’t forget to visit the other participants!

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