Boy, it feels so good to be coming out of week long sickies spell! I finally have some energy to get some things done instead of just trying to get the bare minimum done to keep the house going. One of the first things I did was make a menu and grocery shopping list and head to the store. We’d stretched our pantry and freezer as far as it would go and we were basically OUT of anything that would go together for a meal. Monday’s “menu” isn’t really worth repeating so I’m starting with Tuesday. ;0)


  • B- Cereal
  • L- Sandwiches, string cheese, fruit
  • Sn- Cheese, crackers, fruit
  • Su- Chili Cheese Baked Potatoes


  • B- eggs, bacon, toast, oranges
  • L- Mac N’ Wienies, raw veggies
  • Sn- yogurt & fruit
  • Su- Crockpot Lasagna, salad


  • B- oatmeal & fruit
  • L- hot dogs, chips, raw veggies
  • Sn- mock “lunchables” & raw vegetables
  • Su- Pork Lo Mein w/bok choy


  • B- breakfast burritos
  • L- sandwiches, chips, fruit, string cheese
  • Sn- raw veggies & light ranch
  • Su- salisbury steaks, crockpot cabbage & potatoes


I’m finally getting around to making the pork lo mein! I had forgotten an ingredient on the last grocery shopping trip so I put it off. I didn’t get to make the Chicken Breast A l’Orange (next week) or crockpot cabbage and potatoes either. Apparently I did a horrible job on that last shopping trip and forgot a couple of key ingredients. Oops! But not this time, I got EVERYTHING on my list!! =0) I actually made a menu for the next two weeks (and grocery shopped for it) so next week’s menu plan monday is going to be so easy. And it’s a really good feeling to be so prepared to!

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura @I’m An Organizing Junkie!

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