Do you realize we’re nearly halfway through this challenge? Does it seem like two weeks have already gone by or am I the only one that feels like the time is just flying?

Wow. Looking back over the past two weeks, I’m amazed at the differences I can see. I haven’t gone to bed at a decent hour so far in 2010 –NOT EVEN ONCE–yet somehow I’ve still got the energy to make it through my day and get stuff done. I think it’s largely due to a healthier diet and the exercise. I STILL need to start getting to bed on time, because enough sleep at the appropriate time is another piece to the puzzle of good health, but I’m still working on that.

I have more stamina and endurance now, too. Not only in the workouts but during the day. I still need more of both, for both of those things, and I expect I’ll be able to see further improvement there by the end of this challenge.

Tomorrow morning is another weigh in though, and to be honest, I’m not expecting to have lost any weight. (Hopefully I haven’t gained any!) I stopped tracking my food in my food journal, partially in an attempt to get to bed on time, because I would spend time before going to sleep making sure that I’d completed all the entries for that day. That’s not a bad idea, I just need to get to it EARLIER in the evening. In addition, I’ve…indulged… quite a few times this week. We had pizza one night. We had Sonic last night. Actually, that’s the first time I’ve had Sonic food in WEEKS. I didn’t get a soda, though. That counts for something – right??

Well, I guess we’ll see what the scale has to say about that tomorrow morning. In the meantime..

And here’s the rundown for Day 14:

Activity: The 30 Day Shred Level 1
Activity Length: 20/25 minutes
Difficulty: I really determined to work as hard as I could. I wanted to squeeze every last calorie I could out of it. I tried to follow Natalie (the “harder” chick) as much as possible, and I pretty much did except for the pushups and the buttkicks. I can’t quite kick my own booty like she can. Because I pushed so much harder, I had even more trouble than normal on the 1st circuit. Those jumping rope movements…they KILLED my quads after going gung ho on the jumping jacks. I couldn’t make my legs jump anymore. I had to finish by marching it out in place as vigorously as I could. I was still able to completely finish the 2nd circuit and the 3rd circuit with the exception of the bicycle crunches – of which I did NONE. Partially because I had really squeezed my abs to death on the 1st two circuits and partially because I was just. so. tired. I did alternating crunches and oblique crunches instead. Also, I did go ahead and switch out my handweights for the 2lb weights on the dumbbell rows and the chest flys. I think the other two arm movements will be there soon, too.
How I feel: NAUSEOUS. Seriously parched, dizzy and nauseous. I drank sweet tea beforehand (I’ve had so little in the past two weeks) and I think that was a BAD idea. I also think I just needed some water. The nausea only last about ten minutes and then it passed.
Tomorrow: Hello 30 Day Shred! Every day I try to raise the bar a little bit higher. Tomorrow my goal is to try to get all those bicycle crunches in. Or at least more than my last highest number, 25. But ALL would be even better.

Don’t forget!! Friday morning I weigh in and post the weekly update, with the McLinky so you can update us all, too. Even if you’re not working out to lose weight. Even if you only just found this challenge a few days ago. Even if you’ve been working out on your own since Jan 1 for your own New Year’s Resolution and now you want to get in on the challenge, too. Won’t you join us? See you then!!

If you’re just now finding this challenge, start here.

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