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What About School Pictures?

As a homeschooler, my walls and wallet aren’t loaded down with yearly school photos -which is in a way a blessing, but school photos are a great way to see how much your child has grown and changed from year to year.

I take PLENTY of photos to chronicle the growth of my children on a monthly and even weekly basis. It’s true. The first day of school is no exception. In the end, yearly photos will show a visual timeline of the changes in my children, school room, and probably some of our school practices as well.

This school year begins on September 1st, and we’ll start our school day off with a special breakfast and some “class” photos like this one from last year:


The Roster:

The Princess

  • Age – 9.3
  • Favorite Subjects – Handwriting, Reading, Science, Art
  • Least Favorite Subject – Math – specifically adding/subtracting/multiplication/division – she likes charts, graphs, probability, etc. Until you have to compute something and then she’d rather not.
  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence; Naturalist Intelligence. Favorite methods of learning – on the computer and colorful workbooks.





The Drama Queen

  • Age – 6.3
  • Favorite Subjects – Math, Social Studies
  • Least Favorite Subjects – Reading/Phonics, Handwriting
  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence; Naturalist Intelligence. (so says the quiz she took – I always thought she was a Kinesthetic Learner. Maybe she’s always moving because her brain is always going?) Favorite methods of learning – hands on activities and computer games. She does well with worksheets also.





The Little Prince






I was surprised to discover they all three scored the naturalist intelligence. But then, I shouldn’t be. All of my kids love animals and love being outside. Over this past year my kids have tried to help me grow things in our garden, kept the bird feeders stocked and learned to recognize some of the different birds, and received their first aquarium and learned more about the different kinds of fish (including a sea snail and a fiddler crab.) My oldest loves to help my mom and dad plant new flowers in their garden when we go down there, my middle child was fascinated by the live birth of our kittens a couple years ago and my son wants to know what every kind of bug is.

It really makes me think we should go outside more. 😉

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