Hi. My name is Amber, and I’m overweight.

I’m not claiming to be obese, but that medical identifier is too close for comfort and that not only scares me, it is frustrating, depressing, embarrassing and down right uncomfortable. And you know what?

That’s gotta stop.

Can I getta AMEN?

So, after talking to several of you, and confirming that I’m not that only one who needs to get on the “Weight Loss Boat,” I’m issuing a challenge. A challenge to myself, a challenge to you, a challenge to anyone who wants to join in.

The challenge will last the entire month of October, but the goal of course is to create some good habits that will last longer than that and keep going to reach your own personal goals.

So are you in or are you in?

Monday, I’ll be putting up my official challenge post explaining more about the point and goals of the challenge, etc. But I can tell you this much now. The challenge is about losing weight, yes, whether it’s 5 pounds, or 25 pounds or 50 pounds or more–but the challenge is also about making changes and creating habits that last. It’s about taking control of my body (through Christ’s strength in me) and being healthy. It’s about more, even, and it’ll probably look a little bit different for each one of us.

Wednesday, October 1st, I’ll put up a “Starting Point” type post with my own personal challenge, story and goals – hopefully one you can sign up on as well. (Can anybody tell me more about Mr. Linky? Do I have to pay for an account or something?) If I can’t do a “linky,” well… you can leave a comment and I’ll add your name to a list in the post and link to it.

Also, throughout the month, I’ll post articles and tips and encouraging stories to keep us all going. I’ll also have a post up every Monday to check in (and weigh in) so you can choose to participate in the weigh-ins if you’d like. Sound fun? Or at least not-too-un-fun?

So spread the word, start thinking about your own goals, start writing out your own Challenge posts for next Wednesday, and look for details about the challenge to come out on Monday ( I suppose this challenge needs a good name, huh? Any suggestions?)

See you Monday!


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Hey, y’all! I’m Amber and I wear many hats. I drink a ton of coffee and I’m constantly sweeping crumbs off the floor. After 18 years of homeschooling, I’m getting close to graduating my third child and now we are starting over at preschool with our fourth, Lil Miss Mouse. She keeps us young and she’s the main reason for my excessive coffee consumption. Drink up!