This morning my parents loaded up the U-Haul and this afternoon they headed off to their new home – FOUR HOURS away. The kids and I went over and picked up some stuff they had for us, helped get cleaned up and on their way.

And I’m okay. Really I am. I think I’ll be okay until tomorrow – at church. I will miss having her there. And may I say, that parents aren’t supposed to move away from their children? It’s supposed to be the other way around.

Still, I’m good. They’re moving to follow a job that my dad has had since last November. He’s been staying down there during the week and coming home on the weekends. It’s been hard on them to be apart so much. My dad has tried for years to get a job closer but hasn’t been successful. He likes this job. They like him. So moving down there is the right thing to do. My dad is providing for them and my mom is submitting to God’s will for their lives (she likes to have her ‘roots’ firmly planted, ya know) and the whole deal is a really good thing.

But I will miss having her so close. I’ve never taken for granted that I’ve been very lucky to have both grandmothers so close, or that I’ve had my mom here to help me out so often. I knew I was luckier, no–BLESSED, than most young mothers are, but I had hoped to STAY so blessed for a lot longer! But this is good for her, and that makes me happy.


So I guess this just means sleepovers for entire weekends instead of one night, and trips down there to go do fun stuff with them since there is all kinds of fun stuff down there that isn’t available up here. That sort of thing.

Oh God, you are infinitely wise and good. Your plans are better than ours, you are sovereign over all things. I thank you and praise you for being a great God. I trust you. You are God. Amen.


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Hey, y’all! I’m Amber and I wear many hats. I drink a ton of coffee and I’m constantly sweeping crumbs off the floor. After 18 years of homeschooling, I’m getting close to graduating my third child and now we are starting over at preschool with our fourth, Lil Miss Mouse. She keeps us young and she’s the main reason for my excessive coffee consumption. Drink up!