Will the REAL red licorice please stand up?

licorice-red-rasp-1Red licorice is one of my favorite candies. I remember when the Twizzlers came out – I don’t remember when it was but I do remember thinking I liked the REAL red licorice better. I rarely bought Twizzlers.

These days, Twizzlers are all I can find. They work to satisfy a craving and they’re alright, but..

Where has all the red licorice gone?

I can’t find it at any of the stores in town,…I haven’t looked recently so I’m not sure..can I find it at Walmart? Or do I have to go to a candy store, like in the mall or something. Cuz I can tell you right now that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Sometimes a girl just has a craving for licorice.


I guess the Twizzlers will have to do.


Tell me: Do you prefer the real red licorice or the Twizzlers? (Or do you know?)

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***P.S. Yes, I KNOW that red licorice isn’t actually licorice flavored – it’s kinda like calling white chocolate “chocolate” when there’s no actual cocoa in it. But before you get your feathers ruffled, please know that I ALSO like black licorice and other anise flavored things, particularly black jelly beans. MMm!

***P.P.S. – after looking, I see that “Twizzlers” has actually been around a long time, but originally really was licorice flavored. In 1990 they began introducing other flavors (strawberry, chocolate, cherry and watermelon) and that is most likely when I found them, mistaking the innocent, red, licorice-looking candy for the real thing. 😉

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March 20, 2009 9:30 am

I like both of them, but I prefer the real kind too! I used to buy it at Target in a huge round plastic container! It is the “Red Vines” brand. But I know I have seen it at either Kroger or Walmart in a bag. Not sure which store because I shop at both, but I have seen it at one of those!

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March 20, 2009 7:38 pm

Ok, I just had to come back to tell you – thanks a lot! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about red licorice all day – and how bad I want it!!

Katie’s last blog post..Losing Our Baby – Part Two

November 19, 2009 3:28 pm

Dunno how I stumbled on this post, because I was looking for your one about hot cocoa mix that you posted last year…. But I’ll add my two cents anyway… 😉
Twizzlers has ALWAYS tasted to me like lightly flavored plastic. ICK. I used to work in a video store and we always had the big tub of red licorice on the counter. I love it! BTW, you can pick up a tub of it at Costco or URM or another large supply/restaurant or store supply store. 🙂
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