Wednesday Link Love

It’s been a while since I last posted, I know. There have been things.

I’ve been collecting links for a while now, so here’s a good portion of Wednesday linkage for you.

  • Read this article that claims that sitting straight is bad for your back. (Does that mean I get to recline more?)
  • Read a little about the California case against homeschooling and view the results for this poll with astounding one-sided numbers.
  • Share and download all kinds of homeschooling resources at Homeschool Launch.
  • An equation for measuring sleep deprivation caused by children waking in the night – this mom is only “proving” what we already knew to be true. She just made it sound a whole lot more scientific! 😛
  • Peruse this list of old and crazy Texas laws.
  • Have you heard of Hypermiling? Even my hubby is now doing it.
  • View the American Family Association’s current Action Alerts.
  • See how this mom saves money and gives creative baby gifts at the same time.
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