Valentine’s, Hearts, and Rainbows

It’s been a while.

I mean, like a LONG while. I’m not the same me; you’re not the same you.

Rainbows After the Storm

A lot has happened over the past few years. My girls are married, I’ve gained two sons. My boy is basically a man. And our “rainbow baby” is a toddler! ICYMI–we had a baby girl in 2020, and she has turned our world upside down in a very, very good way. Next thing I know, I’m writing about preschool Valentine’s Day stuff. Weird.

Oh my Heart.

And so, while look at the finish line with one, I’m now looking ahead to starting a whole new marathon with another.

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It’s crazy, exciting, fun, and also… kinda like a do-over. 😉 I get to take all of the things I learned from schooling my first three kids and do a WAY better job with this one. 😉 (Sorry kids.) I’m kidding. Mostly.

Preschool, Valentine’s Day

Anyway, things happened. Here we are. We adore our little bundle of fun.

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And I made some preschool skills worksheets for Valentine’s Day. You should check those out in my store. Our little Mouse isn’t quite ready for those yet – or is she?
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Who knows? I’ll print some and let her scribble on them and I’ll let you know. 😉

Happy early Valentine’s Day! From Miss Mouse and me, with lots of love. XOXO

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