Top Ten {Tuesday} ~ Homeschool Sites

For the next TEN weeks, the iHomeschool Network is joining forces to participate in Angie’s (Many Little Blessings) Top Ten Tuesday with specific themed lists. It’s a mega-linky-blog-hop! This week’s theme: Top Ten favorite websites to use for homeschooling. I’m an eclectic homeschooler so you know there’s going to be a good mix of resources here, right? Of course, right!

  1. Free Homeschool Deals – a relatively new site from Jamerrill at Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling. Many freebies posted every day!
  2. Freely Educate – Another freebie (or very low cost) site with a good variety and lots of “good stuff.” I’ve been following this blog for YEARS. Plenty of good stuff (still free) in her archives for searching through!
  3. Home Science Tools – My fave site for science supplies. We get our lab kits here and we’ve also ordered an owl pellet in the past and hope to order many animal dissection kits in the future!
  4. Simply Charlotte Mason – I’m a big fan of the scripture memory method and this a great source for finding great books (living books, no “twaddle!”)
  5. Notebooking Pages – A large selection of free notebooking pages  — AND — an even larger selection of notebooking pages for Treasury Members. There’s a discount on Treasury memberships right now and it’s double worth it because all members automatically receive access to the Notebooking Publisher when it comes out next month!
  6. Homeschool Freebie of the Day – Yes, one freebie per day but they are quite often really good freebies! I like to hop in at the end of the week and scroll back through the week’s posts.
  7. Online Homeschool Convention –  by Home Educating Family (love LOVE their wonderful “Well Planned Day” school/lesson planner!) What a very cool concept. Meet vendors, pick up goodies in your “gift bags,” read helpful articles. At your leisure. (Like we have much of that? Still, very cool!)
  8. Donna Young – all manner of free printables and organizers! If you’ve never been over there you have to check it out.
  9. Currclick – I have an addiction to Currclick freebies. They also have a very large selection of low cost items. Workbooks, worksheets, lapbooks, notebooking pages, you name it.
  10. Project Gutenberg – Who doesn’t love free books?? Many public domain books for download in a variety of formats including Kindle format. For example, they’ve recently added Peter Pan to their site.

Of course there are many other great sites I could have easily added to my list. What would you have added??

Don’t forget to visit Angie and hop over to the iHomeschool Network for more Top Ten {Tuesday} posts!!

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May 22, 2012 8:51 am

I really like your list. I’m a fan of freebies, too! Homeschool Freebie of the Day does have some real gems from time to time.

May 22, 2012 11:32 am
Reply to  Jimmie

LOL!! I really didn’t INTEND for it to be a list mostly about freebies.. I didn’t realize it until after the fact. (I guess it shows where my true interests lie.) ;0)

May 22, 2012 11:19 am

LOVE your list – especiall Gutenberg!

May 22, 2012 11:30 am
Reply to  Rebecca

Thanks!! I’ve downloaded a few books in Kindle format from there. I don’t think to go there too often, but when I’m looking for something I figure *should* be public domain by now, I’ll go check there and find it. =)

May 22, 2012 10:41 pm

I have GOT to figure out how to transfer books to Kindle from the Project Gutenberg site. I keep hearing about it but haven’t really checked it out. Surely it can’t be THAT hard, right?!

Thanks for the great recommendations!

May 24, 2012 9:27 am
Reply to  Jennifer

It’s not!
When you’re on the site and you find a book you want, click on download and choose the file format (pick Kindle format.)

Pay attention to where you save it on your computer. Plug your kindle in to your computer. Move the file from where you saved it to onto your Kindle. Poof! It’s on your Kindle. =)

May 24, 2012 9:38 am
Reply to  Amber

That sounds simple enough! Thank you!

May 24, 2012 1:21 pm
Reply to  Jennifer

You’re welcome! (I’m the kind of person that gets all anxious and “hyperventilatey” at the thought of trying to do something ‘technical’ I don’t know how to do, I totally get all worked up over it.) =p

Homeschool FreeB
Homeschool FreeB
May 27, 2012 1:37 pm

I prefer over because you can include Gutenberg in your Archive search, but it searches more places than just Gutenburg 🙂

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