The Star Spangled Banner

flagI am not the most patriotic person I know, but I do appreciate the blessings I have by living in this country that I wouldn’t or might not have had I been born in another time and place. I do respect and support the men and women that serve our country. And (even when I don’t agree with the people who serve in their positions) I respect the office and position of our government leaders – knowing full well that it wouldn’t be an easy job no matter who you are or how popular you are. What an incredible amount of responibility and pressure!

Even so, I, too appreciate the beauty and satisfaction of our national anthem well sung. When it is sung with passion (as is true of many songs) it is a beautiful and majestic song.

This is, without a doubt, the most stunning rendition I have heard of our national anthem since I was a kid. Sit back and enjoy, The Star Spangled Banner, by Fernando Varela.

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