The Mother Letter Project

Have you heard about The Mother Letter Project yet? It’s a project born out of one husband’s desire to give his wife something great this Christmas. Better people than me have explained it already – you can read about it at Rocks In My Dryer or at Inspired Bliss.. or you can go straight to the source at The Mother Letter Project. I wanted to write my own letter, for her, for me, for you…

I thought I’d share it here (though that’s not a requirement) because I’m hoping it will encourage you if you’re a young mother, because I might need to look back on this at some point in the future (like in a day or two!) and maybe.. just maybe… it might inspire you to write your own.

Dear young Mother,

There are few things in life as demanding and as rewarding as raising young children. There are days where your sweet child will love you to death.

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There are other days where your sweet child will bug you to death. After hearing “Momma, momma, momma” a hundred times, you’ll be ready to change your name to anything but Momma! Just remember that this precious child of yours is tugging on your shirt and pulling at your leg — because they love you, they want you, they need you.

Your children cling to you because you’re their stability in their unsteady world. They call you because they know you’ll have an answer. They pull you to themselves because they know that you can provide comfort.

These are the things a mommy does: We love, we cherish, we comfort, we guide, we teach, we nurture, we feed, we clothe, we bathe, we answer questions, we kiss boo boos, we hold, we hug, we forgive, we discipline, we train, we give. It’s often thankless, repetitive, and less than glamorous. It’s also rewarding, fulfilling and a blessing.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of these things. Sometimes more than once a day. When you’re up to your ears in mayhem or bodily fluids its hard to see how important your job is.

Remember that motherhood is more than dirty diapers and breaking up fights. As a mother, you’re growing up a tiny little person who is growing right before your eyes and will be ready to leave home before you know it. Every day, each moment is an opportunity to plant something in that tiny little person’s heart that will stay with them forever.

Remember that this season of motherhood shall pass, and open the doors to a new season with new challenges. We need not rush through this stage in our child’s life or merely try to survive it – we need to cherish the good moments, treasure them in our hearts, and enjoy this phase as much as possible.

Remember that God says our children are a blessing from the Lord, and that as a mother, you are blessed. When we serve and love our children, we also serve and love our God. The trials of motherhood are not only opportunities to train our children, but they are opportunities to grow in the Lord as well.

Remember that you are not alone. You have friends and family that see the work you are doing, that appreciate your efforts. There are mothers everywhere who are going through the same trials and successes that you experience each day.

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There are mothers who have already been where you are and are now facing new trials and missing these younger years. And Jesus is always with us, answering our calls in the middle of the temper tantrums, potty training and dirty laundry we can’t seem to catch up on.

Young mother – you will never be alone, your work is not in vain, and you are loved.

God bless you,


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December 9, 2008 8:49 am

Thanks for posting this letter, Amber. I really needed to read it. I’ve got very little patience these days (I blame the hormones) so it seems like every day my Girlie pushes me right to the end of my rope. Good to know that I’m not alone, and that what I’m doing really IS worthwhile.

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December 10, 2008 10:44 am


December 22, 2008 2:45 pm

Thank you so much for your contribution. I am compiling the distribution list and would like to make sure you are on it. Would you mind forwarding your email address to me?

Thanks again,


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